Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Shopping

We have been enjoying a steady rain since Friday, and when I say steady, I mean UNCEASING. The pond is filling up quickly and we are O so happy to living up on a hill. Our driveway has puddles, as does Dave's Memorial Garden. I would show you pictures, but it is still so dark that nothing comes up on the camera.
Instead of running out to the mall to get all those Black Friday deals, we just hunkered down at home, eating leftovers and snoozing. I swear I slept at least 13 hours last night. And with that rain beating down on the metal roof, it coaxes me to return to my warm bed again. Yawn.

Friendship braceleting over your ear bud cords. Not only does it look awesome but they don't tangle at all now!      
I saw this terrific idea for keeping earbud wires from tangling (on Pinterest, where I spent a good deal of time browsing). It was made with a friendship braid type of covering, which I am afraid I never learned to do. So I just did a knitted I-Cord version, and  you know it works quite well. Explaining it takes longer than doing it. I also tried it with crochet, but it wasn't as neat, and used more yarn. I was so into just using this one tiny leftover ball...
I have renewed interest in using my mp3 player now that the tangling issue is solved. I downloaded 8 cds of classical music, Bach, Strauss, Wagner, Mozart, all the good stuff, in keeping with my laid back mood.

I worked on a matching hat for my Purplemania capelet. It is still in progress.

I recently met a new online friend, Sue Pinner, who is also on Ravelry, has several blogs, hangs out on Pinterest and loves IKEA and yarn. And to top it off, she's British. Soulmates. See her amazing color on Flickr. Looking at her creations makes me eager to improve my crochet skills.

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  1. did you knit your icord around your headphones or did you thread them through later? I understand an Icord is made by knitting 3 or 4 stitches pushing them to the end of a double ended needle and knitting again etc.

  2. I love the iphone cord cover!

  3. what a great idea, I hate it when the cord tangles.... off to find some wool...

  4. And you crochet too! I would love to see what you'll be doing with that.

  5. I pinned that too! Love your I-cord version, did your knit it around your headphone cords?

  6. I'm wondering about the same thing like Anna does....


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