Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Swatches? Swatches? We don't need no stinkin' swatches!
uh...yes we do. I came late to swatching but now I am a believer. It removes all the doubt and fear as one knits along, especially if it is a new pattern or an original design. Why live in fear when one can find out DEFINITIVELY if one is knitting the right size? Here is a an example of one diamond/square, before and after wet blocking. The first square is more condensed and springy due to the pattern stitch. It measures about 3" on a side. After being dunked in water, squeezed to damp dry and placed back on the rule, it is flatter and wider all around, measuring at 3 1/2".

But the really important measure in this case, is the width, which went from 4 1/4" to 5".

Knitting a pattern stitch draws in the yarn, which is already quite springy, and it is difficult to know if the width will be wide enough. The first picture measures at 18" wide, and after measuring the swatch at 5" wide, I know this piece will block out at least at 20" wide, much more of what I need it to be. Sigh. The length also matters, and I am confident about how long to keep knitting, because of the swatch. And notice how much less 'bumpy and lumpy' the blocked swatch is than the larger knitted piece. If the pattern stitch is new to you, it helps to swatch it to decide if the finished product is desirable.
And let me just say that the yarn I am using had been a fully knitted sweater that I did not swatch and ended up being horribly unwearable. Learn this lesson or live to frog.

And now your Daily Dawgs, not counting Dave.
Chumley and Chester got super duper flea meds yesterday and are soooo relieved not to be itching anymore. Chumley is so happy that  he won't get out from under the covers, even with the flash going off.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Did you make sure Dave took flea meds too? Because if you didn't, then very soon he will be itching too....as in dogs with fleas in Dave's bed!!!

  2. I just learned my lesson about swatching the hard way...definitely check your gauge when size really matters!!!

  3. If the dogs have/had fleas, then the house has them too. You need to Bomb it!
    Just some friendly advice.


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