Thursday, October 27, 2011

Que Pasa?

 As previously mentioned, my sister and her family have a new apartment and we have been helping them move. We have a trailer and our van has the back seats removed so there is plenty of room for boxes and clothes etc. Sunday we moved most of the furniture and then Tuesday we moved more, including my niece's stuff, and the beds. They have been sleeping at the new place since then.
Today we are returning to move the washer and dryer and all the kitchen stuff (china, serving dishes etc.) that remains. My sis and her dh have to work, and that is why we are pitching in, as if we were Mom and Dad.
It's hard work, but at the same time, satisfying. It's different when it isn't your own stuff, and I am a ruthless decider of what is good and what must be tossed.
This move is happening at just the right time. The place they were living in, while in a gorgeous spot, was imploding all at once in recent days. Ceiling leaks made the hall bath a mold haven, and the floor in the other bath fell through. I kid you not. Not to mention the mice. It was always a temporary home, courtesy of their church, but tiny and dark. The new apartment is huge, bright, clean and everything works!
I was looking for pics of the old place and found this outdoor shot of Brooke hold the baby Chumley.
And then this baby picture was in the same file. Wasn't the tiny Chum cute?

I've put down my knitting, and the quilt is still waiting to be finished in the studio....
but this move means a trip to IKEA is in our future. Woowoo!


  1. I remember baby Chum! It made me want a puggle!

    Glad to hear your sister's move is going well and that she's ensconced in the new place.

  2. You are a good sister and BIL to help with Brooke and family's move. It's wonderful they will have a nice place to live.

  3. We're being transferred to Chattanooga & have found rental property to be scarce and surprisingly expensive! However, I think we've found something....crossing fingers! Love the baby Chum shot. Congrats to your sister on the new place!

  4. Ohhhh pug dogs are the greatest!
    My Oskar is 10 years old.

    Regards Petra

  5. Not like any Mom or Dad I ever knew. More like Fairy Godparents.

    Bibbity bobbity boo!

  6. Anonymous11:46 AM

    You and Brook are so fortunate to have each other.

    Isn't it "I could've stood in bed all day" :)


  7. That puppy face of Chums is adorable!
    So glad to hear your sister is moving to something less stressful.


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