Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Your Own Knits

My friends at Knitting tease me because I can't stick to the directions for any pattern. I may like 80% of a design but then I want to change the neckline or sleeves or make it a pullover instead of a cardigan. I know what I like and in the words of the famed knitter Elizabeth Zimmerman, "You are in charge of your knitting". This means that I am allowed to modify a design and won't be struck by lightning if I do. To help me figure out how to do what I want, I refer to some great books. I offer them to you if you are ever looking for something 'exactly' the way you want to make it and can't find it. Make it up yourself!
Just as it says, this is a workshop in a book, showing how to make a sweater using your measurements, gauge and shapes. The colors are sensational, because Lynne is also a dyer and spinner and her yarns are delicious. OK I admit I know her, but still, I am sure this book will not disappoint.
This book offers really simple shapes that are so flattering and fast to make. Simple is good when designing for the first time. And if you are a true beginner, then this is where to start. Following the directions is least at first!

No Pattern Knits: Simple Modular Techniques for Making Wonderful Garments and Accessories
It's no secret that I love modular knits and this book covers all the different modular shapes and shows how to work them into a garment or accessory. Very clear pictures and directions. Clever ideas abound.

Seamless (or Nearly Seamless) Knits
OK I admit I don't actually own this book, yet, but I know the designs from seeing them on Ravelry and they are fabu. I want to make every one, and they are so contemporary which makes them even more attractive. I hate to seam, so that's a big clue to why I like these knits.
Heartbeat Sweater
And when it comes to patterns, this is one pattern company that really teaches how to make a knit your own. The step by step diagrams solve the mysteries of construction and each design teaches a new and easy technique, in a modular way sometimes. Part of why I love this designer's work is the fit of the knits. Slimming lines, nice drapey fabric and again, very little seaming, ever!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the great knitting resources!!

  2. Another fabulous design book is Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden.

  3. Hey! We have a friend in common--Lynn Vogel is a great friend. I think one of my sweaters is in her book. A few of my socks made it into her sock book too!

  4. You are a true designer and inspiring!

  5. Loved your latest vest! Gorgeous colors and pattern!


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