Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why Rearrange?

Some of you may wonder why we rearrange our furniture and our rooms so often. There are loads of reasons.
When we do, we clean out and under the places that are collecting dust and dog hair, and find all the stuff we 'lost'. Once the dusting starts, everything gets the treatment, washing floors and clearing out drawers, and it's a good feeling.
Then of course we want to try different rooms for other reasons, like more space or just a new ambiance.
I always like the new arrangement and at the time think it is going to be permanent. ha!
My room got rearranged yesterday and I swapped out one table for a smaller one, and even changed my quilt to the new one I made this summer, Elly Pastelly.
I moved the couch to the railing to block out the darn brightness from the fireplace when it comes on. I need to sleep in total darkness, and that light always woke me up in the previous arrangement.
I've got a remote for my stereo at my bedside, and a table for my books and one for my computer. Why didn't I think of this before?
Our house is like a little doll house in the woods and we love to play house.


  1. I really enjoy seeing the new ideas you come up with when you rearrange your furniture. I'm one of these people who can never think of an arrangement different from the one I have. I guess you just have to try new ideas to see what happens. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It is so COLORFUL in every way. Love them dawgs!

  2. Mary A10:48 AM

    My friends laugh at me for rearranging my furniture so often. Cleaning is boring! Rearrangine makes me feel like I'm in a 'new,' happy place - I'm with you all the way!

  3. Totally not what this post is about, but I love love love that guitar quilt on the wall in the last picture.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'm so glad you rearrange! I love every minute of it...and I like your idea that you can play with your furniture, home decor, and quilts. Dollhouse in the really is! How fun!

  5. Melody, what neat stuff you have; it is all so colorful and cheerful. Please could I see a close up of the sun and crescent moon on the wall ?~! I have collected a few suns and am always interested in what others see as our Light. Sun holding his nose stopped my sister Myra in her tracks one afternoon in Half Moon Bay and now that the latter has gone on to her eternal matter of space phase, Sun resides under my Queen Palm tree quietly and yet distinctly prodding me on the path of life.

  6. I am with you on rearranging. Makes everything look new and clean! Love your new arrangement.

  7. I think it's almost time for you to open up as a bed and breakfast!

  8. My dogs have always slept on the back of the couch. I would worry about having the couch backed up to the railing like this.

    I bet you've thought of that and know your dogs won't go over the edge....

  9. oops - don't know what happened there - I'm all for rearranging. We need variety, and our creative juices need to be nurtured, so have a blast!


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