Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nine Big Blocks Quilted

I am happy to report that these big blocks are now quilted and trimmed and ready to be assembled into a queen sized quilt. It wasn't a struggle to quilt these, but it was kinda boring. But I'll take boring over slogging it out with a huge quilt. The singled out yellow block got disassembled and remade into a less assertive color scheme and I doubt in the finished product if I can even remember which one I changed.
Now I think I will be putting them up on the design wall and looking at them for a while, trying to determine what goes where. My guess is that I will never fully decide the perfect arrangement and in a few days it won't matter anymore as the quilt will be finished and tucked away in some storage nook in my house and I will be onto something new (with lots of new fabrics to use too!)
So what is next?
I have been looking at the bed quilts I have recently finished and noted that the initial improvisational starts were looking pretty darn good. Why didn't I stop there? I was so on a mission to make big stuff using QAYG.

 I'm  pretty seriously considering using the scraps I have collected and  keeping the issue of size on the back burner, just sew some stuff, and see where it leads.
Retreat Update: It looks like we already have half of the expected 14 signed up and I am so excited to be doing this. If you are interested in joining the fun, take a look at the links on this post and let me know. Although this isn't an actual  workshop retreat, brain picking will be allowed and encouraged. Both sewers and fusers are attending, so you should find yourself in good company.

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  1. So sad part of your photos don't show!
    I've loved watching this come together. I think it is just the most amazing quilt!

  2. Celeste Wegner12:00 AM

    I thought it was just my computer. I too cannot see those last 3 photos.

  3. Ok, the photos didn't come through on my computer either... but it's been acting up with this storm that has passed over...

  4. I did not get the last 3 photos either. Did you use a guide to quilt the squares? How far apart are the lines of stitching? I love your work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Gorgeous colors, Melody!


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