Thursday, September 08, 2011

Still Quilting

I worked all day on the nine block quilt and almost finished it, but had a few parts that needed to be unsewed and resewed and that meant I ran out of patience before it was done. I will jump back in with renewed vigor today.
So to keep your interest I am posting some dawg pics. Chumley LOOOOOVVVES the Dog Whisperer and can't be disturbed while watching it.
And they have decided to share the big dogbed in a truce. Chester always sleeps alert, just in case, while Chum sleeps with total trust.
See you later with the grand Ta Da! moment.


  1. Love the daily Dawgz. Hope the frogging went well.

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Have you finished your curtains?

  3. So glad that the the dawgz have declared a truce regarding the big dogbed, as there seems to be room for both! Looking forward to seeing the finished nine block quilt.


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