Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Baking. . .

 I found these huge peaches and decided Peach Crumble was just the thing. So I boiled some water and plunged them in to peel off the skins. Easy, no knife needed.

 Then I sliced them into the dish, one for me and one for the dish. Yum, warm slippery peachiness. I sprinkled some sugar and cinnamon and proceeded to make the crumb topping.
1/4 c brown sugar,
1/2 cup white sugar,
1 stick butter
1/2 c flour
1/4 c quick cooking oats
more cinnamon and a handful of sliced almonds.
Cut the butter into the dry ingredients and spread over the top of the peaches. Set oven to 375 and slide a cookie sheet under the dish for inevitable bubbling over sugary drips.
 Then while it bakes, wash a dog or two. Chester first as he is a good dawggie in the sink, mostly and then because Chumley is always jealous, he gets a bath too. And so do I and the kitchen floor.
 Dawggie Mortification.

 But finally a kiss from the Chumster, since he knows he is on camera.

The finished peach crumble cools on the counter and eventually gets doled into bowls and topped with vanilla icecream. It's just an ice cream delivery device in the end. Decadent.
We lost our internet and tv Thursday afternoon and it was just awful to have no connection. But the connecting outlet in the wall was replaced just an hour ago and life is supremely beautiful again. Perhaps a bit of sweets for a celebration?

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Dang if I don't have four peaches sitting on the counter.... time to get the water boiling....

    Instead of washing dogs while it cooks I will go get some ice cream!!

    Good idea you had....

  2. I think I can almost smell that from here.....yummy!!!!!

  3. Darn it... should have left well enough alone. Now the pictures make me hungry and that is not low fat photography! Except the boys...

  4. omg, the photo of the sliced peaches got me drooling...must make me some peach crumble soon! never tried almonds, super idea!

  5. Chester and Chumley are so adorable! And your peach crumble looks delicious!

  6. Looks deliscious.

  7. I have never seen peaches that size! I eyed that crumble for a bit too long. I don't think we have peaches in season here but the pears and apples are just starting. I'll have to use those.

  8. debby o"keefe10:15 PM

    many inspiring ideas this week from food to quilts to Pinterest.
    a bit of a dip in self confidence earlier ? but clearly you moved on with the lovely pink, orange , red design. you inspire more than you know.
    Thanks for the mention Tuesday.

  9. I so love the dawgs. They are the perfect side story. If you rode a motorcycle (imagine that) they would definitely be in a side car, eh?

    Dreamy peaches :)

  10. Pammyfay1:06 AM

    "an ice cream delivery device" -- funny!

  11. I can't wait for summer to come and for peaches like those, I am almost drooling on this side of the world! Love the dogs too - too darling!

  12. after a doggy bath I would say that was a just that is one of my favorites...the dessert not the bath...been there done that before..even though your pouches are just adorable


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