Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now that the weather has cooled and is often wet we find ourselves indoors a lot more. And when the internet and tv went down we also had our eyes opened to the abandoned hovel that had become our home over the summer. What to do? We personally know the cable repair guy, having had him fix up our connection several times before, and since we knew he was coming again, we were mightily encouraged to clear a path and de-dawg-hair the place.
One would be amazed how many times the vacuum needed to be emptied to achieve this cleanup. And when one does this kind of all out renewal work, things that had been lost for months are discovered again.

The Squeaky Duck is one. This is the fave toy of Chester and he is in nirvana with its return.

But nirvana doesn't last very long. Just as he snoozed with Ducky, along comes an interloper ready to swipe it for himself.

Tiptoeing is not Chumley's strong suit, and as Chester regains consciousness, he whimpers in protest.
 Then it becomes all out war.

Will the Duck survive?

Exhausted after the battle, the Squeaky Duck is once again lodged under the stereo cabinet for another six months.

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  1. That's HILARIOUS...too cute, those two...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. those pups are hilarious. Lucy likes to spend hours(seriously)chasing a toy that I get to throw. At some point I have to take the toy for a time out. I am developing a hell of a throwing arm-tell Dave!!

  3. Thanks for this great Saturday morning giggle starter. The pic with Chumley "tiptoeing" onto Chester kills me. He looks ready to say neener neener. Well, if his mouth wasn't already stuffed with duck.
    What a couple of characters.

  4. Haha! I love finding the new old toys for the dogs. Nirvana is the right word.

  5. Boys will be boys! It's no fun "finding" a toy if you can't torment someone with their loss.

  6. Anonymous10:06 AM

    of course my boxer would spend hours whining at the base of the stereo cabinet until you got down on your hands and knees, squinted under there and got it out for him. This whining is so annoying that this is the only way to stop.You're lucky they forget about it and it is a new surprise.
    Nina in BC

  7. My little poodle has a squeaky chicken he loves to death. Sometimes I wish he would loose it as constant squeaking can be a bit annoying, but he loves it.

  8. It's a lovely quilt and I like the border fabric. It really makes it.
    You could write a book about those two. Too funny!

  9. These boys crack me up!! Thanks!

  10. I love your quilt and your puppies are adorable!!!


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