Thursday, July 14, 2011

Used Shoes

  I was not feeling well yesterday and left my knitting group after only a half hour. Dizzy, nauseous and achy. I had a hard time staying awake for the 45 minute high speed drive home. Got  into bed and slept with the dogs for a solid unmoving two hours.
Dave was also kinda more dizzy than usual and we both attribute it to some bad milk we drank. Or just the heat or something. Anyway, I more or less took the day off and got nowhere on anything in the studio.
So what's a girl to do when feeling woozy?

Shop online.

O dear.

Dangerous behavior.
I spent several hours looking at stuff, putting the stuff in shopping carts, and then switching websites and shopping some more.
I almost bought this for $118 at

But then I drifted into deeper waters and landed on Ebay, looking at Born shoes. I 'thought' I needed a new pair of shoes to show off my hand knit socks. I like the Europeanness of their designs and found a bunch of shoes on which I placed bids.

Waking up this morning, still dizzy but feeling like my old self, I was greatly relieved to see that I was outbid on several pairs of shoes.
Nonetheless, I went back to Ebay to see what else was out there in the great used shoe department.
I'll let you know what I win before this delirium lifts.

At least I can still bring you your Daily Dawgs


  1. Hope you are feeling better! My guess is it's the weather. I took the day off Tuesday 'cause I had noooooo energy, which is totally unlike me! Felt much better yesterday and today. As for the shopping, have fun with that! Wish I had the patience to web shop...

  2. LynneP8:56 AM

    Hope you and Dave feel MUCH better soon. Feeling lousy is lousy :)

    I'm crazy about your dawgs!

  3. I know you will feel better as each minute goes by...or should I say buy. Shoes are good,especially if they show off your socks..Love ya dawgs. Take care Bren

  4. Does your A/C run on a furnace? I would have your house checked for carbon monoxide asap.


  5. Hope you're feeling top drawer soon.

    I totally agree about having shoes to show off your socks. I resorted to Berkinstocks. They are not very pretty, but the socks made up for it.

  6. Sometimes that outbid notice is a BIG relief! It's nice when we don't get everything we think we want! Now you have more money for fabric : )

  7. Bummer, you had to leave your knitting fun. Glad you are feeling better. Nothing like some online shopping to put a girl right again. I am all about seeing that UPS truck pull up with goodies. No, not the cute guy in the shorts! Just hand me that package and I'm good for a day or two. Addicted? Who me?

  8. I had the same thought as Melissa - carbon monoxide leak from gas. Check it ASAP just in case. Hope you both get better soon.

  9. Sometimes when people feel dizzy they may have carbon monoxide levels in their house that are too high. Make sure you check them immediately. Feel better soon Mel.

  10. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Ditto on previouse commenters - check for carbon monoxide levels ASAP just to be on the safe side. Thought you'd be going to AQS expo in Knoxville. I wish I could have gone.


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