Friday, July 15, 2011

Adding Borders

Since there are so many new (to me) ways to add to an existing quilt, I decided to do the narrow connector strip method to the bottom 10x36 inch border. I pieced and quilted it first and then added it to the main part with a connector strip. The ease of this technique cannot be overstated. I love this.
So then I wanted to do a long side border in two or more sections. This first piece will be connected to the next side border piece with a narrow connector strip and when those two become one long piece they will be joined to the main section with another narrow connector strip. The mind boggles.

By the way, I am considering this a real scrap quilt from leftovers, strips that are already cut and patchwork assembled from some other project. I am even using scraps of batting. Since not one of the batting pieces is long enough I am butting ends together and topping them with a wide strip of Wonder Under and then fusing them to the backing fabric. The quilting hides all the butts.
And since it is a scrap quilt, and will be used, I am feeling a great deal of freedom in how I make it. Sorta C'est la vie!

I had to quit the studio work early and go get my new eyeglasses, which are so fabulous and I can see clearly now. I'll have to take a self portrait when my hair looks better...
My luck on Ebay used shoe auctions was tremendous!

I got the white Free Spirit sandals for $3 plus $8 shipping. Funny. And the red Cole Haan slides were $17.49 with free shipping. Nice! And then I got caught in a bidding war over these black Born slides. Eek. I wanted them so bad that I paid $25 plus $8 shipping. Naughty naughty.

The Daily Dawgs aren't always so angelic...I have no idea whose paw that is in Chester's mouth.

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  1. What a fun quilt that will be to wrap up in. I love the strips, the colors and the little strips of striped fabric, at least I think it's a stripe.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    'Bidding Wars' could also very well be 'set-up' to push the prices of the goods. I know it is done by some. Friends are asked to go bid on items then when the price is right, they then pull out leaving the poor sucker holding the 'bag'.

    I usually pull back even when I want an item badly.

    Then again $25 is not bad for a nice pair of slip-ons, the brand name is unknown to me.

  3. Judy Morningstar9:41 AM

    An alternate method of attaching batting scraps together is to overlap them a smidgeon, then rotary cut through both layers. This gives you a good straight line that will match. Use the multiple zigzag set as wide as possible and length about 3 or 4. and the even feed (walking) foot. The two edges are just butted tight together, not overlapped, while they are sewn together by the multiple zigzag. I'm not much of a fuser, so I don't know if this is faster. But it doesn't require remembering to buy fusible products. This works with fluffy polyester batting as well as the flatter cottony stuff.

  4. Judy Morningstar9:49 AM

    You might check out Lyric Kinard's blog tutorial on how to paint shoes. Not that your new ones need painting, but one pair of them especially gives good big blank canvases for decorating.

  5. Are you both feeling better today?

  6. I love these "c'est le vie" quilts...BUT I don't understand the process of quilting and putting it together. Having a senior moment, I guess :) Could you tell me where to actually see a step-by-step tutorial on this process???

  7. Now it's a Melody-quilt, beautiful!

  8. It's looking fantastic.....and I agree with you all the possibilities are mind boggling. I sometimes think I've just scratched the surface with this QAYG stuff. So glad you are having fun.

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