Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so it GROWS

41.5 x 36"
I quilted the center part in about 1.5 hours and was then ready to start adding borders. Rather than add one skinny border after another I sewed a group of them and made them look like they were sewn Log Cabin style.

The first border strip set was 7" wide and the second set was 9". I did the 'insert the batting afterwards' construction.
The quilting was done in concentric rectangles and is something I have never done before. It was easy to do on a small piece, turning and turning. This was not done free motion.
 The interesting thing about this method is that it is self-wonking. I cut all my strips nice and straight and in the process of sewing, quilting and trimming them, they move, and curve and look purposefully askew.
What a fun surprise!
Now I want to add more length and width and have to decide if I am going to square up my edges or leave them curving.

And now your Daily Dawgs.

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  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Nice to see that you have found a new technique that works for you.
    I have started knitting, after realizing how much yarn I have. It will be small hats and socks bound for Kongo. I think that's why I got this link from my fiancé, saying: now I finally understand your behaviour... it gave me a good laugh.
    How are the tomatoes coming along? Devoured by racoons and deer yet?


  2. My new favorite. This is, is, is, indescribably delicious.

  3. I get so inspired by your incredible sense of color. And the dawgs...I look forward to seeing where they will be next.


  4. wonder if those "dawg" realize how good they've got it?

  5. wow very interesting and sophisticated color palette! the dawgs always make me smile!

  6. Love the quilts and love the dogs! I just read a blurb in Quilters Home Mag about a women whose husband got in a motorcycle accident and lived so she thought he needed a dog. Sounded like your story!

  7. It's looking wonderful.....don't you just love quilting the square spiral.....that's what I like to call it anyway.

  8. Self-wonking! Love it!

  9. The dogs look a little woozey! Did they break into the liquor cabinet?

  10. I love your quilts -- but also love the daily dawg photos......thanks.

  11. What a lovely fresh set of colors for your quilt. Makes me feel cool all over!
    Does self-wonking mean you've given up deliberate wonking? Or is this just the lazy wonking method?


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