Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peace Reigns

Things have settled down to a gentle roar, and we have found a modicum of equilibrium.

The dawgs have been sleeping in the studio after the first (miserable) night in my bed and they have adjusted nicely. Dexter gets the leather recliner, while Chumley has usurped Dex's big squishy bed. I am sleeping like a baby...with plenty of legroom. My mood has brightened considerably.

Chumley, looking fit (ha!) grabs a quick forty winks whenever he can. We took the boys to my sister's house yesterday where they could play in the water of Possum Creek. There is always a lot of boat traffic resulting in many waves hitting the beach and both dogs went nuts biting the water and wading in up to their bellies. Running and chasing and playing stick-keep away wore everyone out and they (including Dave, the passenger) slept all the way home. This is the kind of thing we had hoped for when we thought about a second dog, and are greatly pleased that they are entertaining each other and working off their doggie energy.

The last few hot days seem to have subsided and we are back to normal warmth, and the garden is exploding. The gold Stella d'oro daylilies are a bright spot amongst the green and purple of the back garden. I emptied the goldfish pond water again at the base of the hydrangea, in hopes of more purple blooms.
Dexter is a real water dog. He goes into the pond several times a day, fearlessly, up to his belly, and Chumley follows suit, but at the more shallow and much muddier end. Then he jumps in my lap and I am washing more muddy clothes as a result.

It's daylily time at the Mexican Chalet and these magenta blooms are the beginning of the special colors we usually have. The first to open are the wild 'ditch lilies' and I think now I will remove them and put something more classy in their spots. Dave and Mike made the shade garden easier to cultivate by removing the rocks, and stumps of previous plantings. Plus we have more sun there now with several of the larger trees cut down. I am going to have change the name from shade garden to something else...hydrangea garden? If so, more hydrangeas are necessary (and so desired.)

The sweet potato vines have begun filling in the flower boxes nicely and I am loving the red salvia so much this year, as it branches out and keeps producing blooms. Daily watering is the key, I think.
 We have three hummingbirds which make it a point to visit often for their nectar.

Our Knock-Out rose bush is living up to its name. This is the easiest rose I have ever grown, with no disease problems and very little in the way of pests. I am looking for more bright spots to plant one, and while the proposed area may be sunny, the soil is rock hard, pitiful clay. O well. Mustn't be greedy.

 Lettuce leaf basil, my favorite variety. I picked a big bunch along with some parsely and dill and made pesto and then cucumber salad with the dill. My peppers are fruiting out and soon I will be picking some for salads, along with Supersweet 100's tomatoes. Summer is looking and tasting good.


  1. The colors of the daylillies are stunning. I must get some like those. A great online place for daylillies, peonies, irises & hostas is Gilbert H. Wild in Sarcoxie, MO. Your pictures have inspired me to add "just a few more" daylillies & hostas (do I have a spot for more?-I'll find a spot)

  2. Love the new dog, the Magenta colored daylillies are scrumptious-seems to me to be a recurring color for you. I have a question- do the sweet potato vines produce sweet potatoes? Also, what is your favorite batt these days. Made a quilt with Kona white as the main color(hmmm, maybe not the best choice) its for my daughter when she gets back from Afghanistan. Seems to me you liked Hobbs 80-20. You sound very happy.

  3. I love, love, love the big pink/purple hydrangeas! My deep burgundy day lilies are opening and so are my deep yellow easter lilies. Your garden looks like heaven!

  4. Hi Mel, The word "Heaven" is one of the more popular words used for describing your photos of your garden. Pretty high praise should help you to relax, you have reached gardening nirvana.

    You are probably wondering by now where I'm going with this train of thought. Let me continue and all will be known.

    I would like to ask your readers if all the work I do for you is considered average, below average, or slightly above average
    when compared to their husbands, life partner, lover, or whom ever bust their hump for them.
    The reason I ask is simple. I feel I have never in my life worked harder, even as a butcher I consider that unable to compete with the hours spent digging, swinging a hammer, mixing cement, tearing down finished projects and rebuilding them at my Dear Melody's beckon call. With no end in sight I am at the point where I am going to need more motivation if I am going to keep up this pace. A reader of Mel's blog was kind enough to mention that she thought I had a nice butt in a photo that Mel took of me while taking my boys out for thrir morning walk. Motivation delievered and I thank you. With me a little bit goes a long way.

    OK, where did you say you wanted that water feature built and how big did you want it. I know, never ask a woman how big she wants it!

    That's all for now.

  5. Wow, the gardens are beautiful. Everything is so much further ahead than here. I hope we just had our last night of frost. all my vegetable are just coming up.
    I'm glad Chumley has a 'work out' buddy.

  6. Colourful flowers in your garden looks so fresh... because of these flowers your garden looks so beautiful..

  7. Your garden is fabulous this year! And I know all of Dave's hard work is a big reason for your wonderful world there! Tell him for me he's a definite Keeper! And I'm delighted that Dexter has settled in... sounds like a little slice of heaven, and I hope you all enjoy it!

  8. Oh man, I can smell that basil all the way up here!

  9. After reading your comments I figure I should tell Dave I think he is above average in the work department. My husband told me before we were married he was not a handy man and he would try his best to earn enough money to hire a handy man. He was correct, he isn't, but he has always come through with the $ when needed.
    Your garden is beautiful. I look at your pictures and dream of my yard looking just 1/4 th as nice.
    As far as having two dogs, that is the only way to go if you can afford it. We have always had one at a time, but this year we brought two home. It was the best thing. When I have to go out for a few hours no one is alone and they always entertain each other.
    If you and Dave and the boys ever want a vacation in Florida just give us a call, but you have to bring your gardening hat since I will be picking your brains about what will grow where!

  10. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Dave, you are one of the best guys!!!No whining, a handyman helper when needed...I love to read about your latest project. I've met and had a laugh and a class with your great wife, you inspire each other. Wanna vacation on Long Island? Not as far out as the "Hamptons" but the traffic is almost as bad....Nancy

  11. First of all...Mel, your flowers are gorgeous and your new camera takes outstanding snaps!

    Secondly...Dave, I would rank you a definite two thumbs all areas (well, I guess I don't know ALL areas, now do I?? LOL). Seriously, my DH is a wonderful man and tries to do so many projects for me that are way beyond his skills but he usually gets it done for me. I'd like to get a skilled handyman like you and Mike but I haven't found one yet so DH is stuck with the job(s). Mel's a lucky lady but I'm sure she knows that :)

  12. As an avid gardener who devotes almost every waking hour trying to achieve 1/10 of what Melody & Dave have accomplished with landscaping, I have been awestruck by every posting of your progress, knowing all too well how tired you must be at the end of the day. My husband has shown no interest in helping so I've managed to find beauty in a much wilder yard than yours.

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