Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Dexter

We have been looking for a friend for Chumley for a long time and finally one appeared in the Nashville Craig's List.

I emailed and found out he was one year old 6/10/11..
TODAY and was already neutered, up to date on shots, had his meds and Advantix and could be ours for a small rehoming fee.
I tried to tell Chum, but y'know, he doesn't speak English, so he was gonna be a surprise. 
It was a three hour drive during rush hour to pick him up and we also had to deal with Bonnaroo traffic, so by the time we got home it was 9:30pm and quite dark.

The barking began before Dexter even left the van, but Chumley was DELIGHTED and took to Dexter like a new squeaky toy.
Run. Run. Run. Like two beige bullets.
Pant. Pant. Pant.
Run. Run. Run.
Pant. Pant. Pant.
Drink a bowl of water and more running and panting and pooping in my flower box, stepping on my begonias, peeing on my petunias, run run run, pant pant pant, more water, more running.

After two and half hours of this I was exhausted, but they were just getting started. I managed to get them inside and the same routine took place, up and down the stairs, and around the center circle of the downstairs rooms until after midnight, when I gave up and crawled into bed, with both of them. There was jumping on all my softest parts, feet in the eyes, and more peeing on the floor. Luvly. Then sleep, of a sort. Dexter claimed most of my pillow and Chum slept diagonally on my bed. The leftovers were mine.
Three hours later they were at it again. Groan.
 Dexter is kinda small compared to Chum, who is, putting it mildly, a dog who never missed a meal. Chum weighs in at 28 pounds and Dexter is half that. Dainty.
His former family couldn't keep him since they became fully employed and no one was home all day. He was kept in a crate they said, but it turned out to be a small pet carrier. Awww. Poor puppy. Now he has free reign of five acres, with all the food we can keep away from Chumley, and plenty of 'activity'. Oy.

Chum thinks this was one nifty present... his own puppy.

And along with Dexter came this great big bed and more toys! Chum makes himself at home and goes right for the big knotted rope.

 It turns out that this is Dexter's fave thing to chew, so he figures two can play this game, and finds Chum's squeaky Duck.

Hey! That's my squeaky Duck!!
There will be nothing but doggy watching for a couple of days until this all settles down.
At least I hope this all settles down.

One more thing, one tail curls to the left and one to the right. Cute enough?


  1. My gosh!! What a cutie!! You are nuts to take on a second child but it looks like a great match for your family.

  2. OOOOOhhhhh Dexter is so cute! How lovely that they didn't fight and shared their toys. If only people were the same - wouldn't it be great to see 2 people meeting and then running around for 2 hours in excitement? Not sure I'd want to sniff their rear end mind you! Masters C and D are going to be very happy I'm sure.

  3. Two of them? You have more energy than me! Cutie little patooties!

  4. Adorable! and though I just woke up, I am now exhausted! :)

  5. Welcome Dexter!!What fun. Or at least it will be when things calm down. That last picture is too sute.

  6. and it's cute too!

  7. Zieknits8:26 AM

    Congratulations, Dexter. You lucked out, buddy. Bigtime!


    I'd write more, but I have to go lie down now, after reading about these adventures. ;)

  8. AHHHH! How cute is that! I wish I could have a third of your energy!
    LOVED your painting, the colors are so vibrant!
    Happy puppy days to you..

  9. Wow! What a houseful you have! I hope the guys don't destroy the house and garden while they get to know each other! But I think they will be very good for each other. The day you all sleep through the night will be the turning point, right? ;->

  10. Dexter sure is cute!! I'm glad it's you, though...LOL. He'll be good company for Chum.

    I'm exhausted just reading your post and thinking about what lies ahead for you the next week or so...oy vey!!

  11. Oh no you didn't? Yes you did! OMG! I remember when we had two bichons! It was a never ending chase, across laps, over furniture, around furniture, around the house, between the legs! This should make for some hilarious reading... it already has! You can come visit for some sleep!!!

  12. Adorable stories! And I need to add that "Chumley" is the greatest name for a boy dog ever!

  13. What fun! What's better than one cute pooch? TWO cute pooches!

  14. Wonderful news! For two people who never had dogs before, you seem to be getting the hang of it! lol - What's better than one dog? 2 of course! We have our daughter's dog along with our pup, and it has turned out better than we could imagine. They play a lot and wear each other out! Have a blast!

  15. Pammyfay9:41 AM

    Yippee! Congrats on the new addition. (And aren't THEY why you moved to such a big open space anyway? Maybe you didn't know it at the time, but "somebody" did!)

  16. Dexter is on EXTREMELY lucky dawg! I wonder if he knows he just won the doggie love lottery?!

  17. Chum looks like a double wide! Dexter is just too cute.

  18. So cute! Lucky you, lucky dogs!!!!

  19. Thanks for the Chumley update and now Dexter! I wish Brinkley, my pug, could join in the fun. My poor pug is going deaf and blind. He is 11.

  20. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Dexter hit the jackpot! What a wonderful new home he has with people and other dogs to love him!

  21. You didn't? Oh how cute they are.

  22. I think you're nuts too to take on all that commotion! I have to admit it would be hard to turn away that face though. They are so cute.

  23. Good for you,Dave and Chumley. Dexter will do just fine.

  24. Ha Ha... I just knew you would get a second one! (it will be so fun watching them play)

  25. I am sure these marvelously British sounding dogs will be happy together. Dexter, for right, of course - is that the direction of his tail? How marvelous.

    And perhaps Dexter will chase some of the avoir du pois off of Chumley?

    Y'all be having some fun.

  26. What fun!!!! may slow the artwork for awhile.......but these guys should provide plenty of entertainment. Enjoy.

  27. If you think it is going to slow down, you are dreaming! Trust me, I speak from years of experience.....LOL.

  28. Dexter is on EXTREMELY lucky dawg! I wonder if he knows he just won the doggie love lottery?!

  29. liz armstrong10:36 PM

    So much for the return to painting!!! You should be a comedy writer, your comments and side remarks are worthy of a show business salary.

  30. Looks like Chubley will be loosing some weight with a friend to run around with!
    (Why yes, I did type Chubley ;-)
    I hope the peeing on the floor stops and that it isn't Chum who is the one at fault in his excitement.

  31. Lucky, lucky little Dexter. Maybe all that running around will be good for Chumley's weight, too! Amazing that Dexter figured out that your pillow was really his pillow - and on his first night, too!

  32. Finally, a friend! And they are both so cute together. Hurray!

  33. Okay, if no one else will say it, I will: Dave has a cute butt;-) Oh yeah, and Chumley and Dexter are adorable too.

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