Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Days

The flag went up for Memorial Day and has been joined by mini flag-y bows. This may be flag month at our house. It's not so much patriotism, but the fact that Dave has a place to put this stuff, and so why not decorate? As you may have noticed, the Christmas icicle lights remain up, and they are quite nice lighting on the deck at night. It's a little bit like playing house.
I have been eagerly awaiting the first blooms from the fancy coneflowers I bought. This one is called Hot Papaya, and is truly orange. The centers will have more petals in a few days, but it looks good enough now for its portrait.

I have a bunch of different fancy kinds, including this Double Decker, which looks white so far, but  hopefully it will pink up as it develops. Fancy Schmancy eh?

Lots of lilies are open, including the red Pardon Me, one of 18 tiny daylily plants I bought last year. This is the first bloom of the bunch.

A few doggie pictures. This is Chum climbing the hill towards breakfast, after a great run in our field which Dave calls the pasture. It also is called Dave's Memorial Garden, and in the Spring, the Swamp. It used to be the orchard, but most of the trees fell over in the wet heave of Springtime. We do have about six peach trees with lots of little peaches growing, but really don't expect them to outlast the bugs and birds. We haven't sprayed them, so we get what we get.

The house is shrouded in early morning fog. Cooler weather now, for a few days, making it irresistable to sit out on the deck for the entire day. I knit for hours and realized my mistake, and ripped out six hours worth of knitting. Had to. Restarted and can now knit it all again for today! I call that a good deal.

Dexter looks west towards his former home. I know he is quite happy here. Six meals a day, including toast, his favorite.


  1. I love the Double Decker coneflowers. Never heard of them before. It's amazing the things I learn from your blog besides quilting!

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    How appropriate, today is Flag Day.
    The Mexican Chalet looks fabuloso!


  3. I love all those cone flowers! I have the basic pink and whites; I must look for some others.
    I like your knitting attitude. I tell myself I knit to pass the time, so I feel the same way as you when I make a mistake. It gives me more time. I'm heading out to my deck now for some sketching and knitting maybe. I got 2 balls int eh mail yesterday that I wanted to add stripes to the bottom of a top down sweater.

  4. Love those orange cones! You are fancy! Now I am going to have to find some to keep up with the Johnsons.

  5. I love your neighborhood!

  6. Zieknits5:03 PM

    Great house in a lovely setting. I love the house pics. :)

    Do you have any worries about C&D wandering onto the road? Or is there so little traffic it's just not a concern?

    I love your blog, Mel. Thanks for it.

  7. Love your cone flowers! (and the entire setting...) And, I too, worry that Dexter will dart out into the road. Is he content to stay off the pavement?

  8. I feel your happiness and contentment Mel. Good job!

    Would love to feel the foggy air on my face..we're up to 104* today..ugh!

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Dexter is beginning to fill out!


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