Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I can't think of when I have felt less ambitious than I am feeling these days. No projects (other than the knitting) are taking place. We are enjoying the quiet routine of walking and watering and keeping track of what is in bloom. The dogs nap under the deck table while I knit, and Dave and Mike putter, trim and mulch stuff, which requires no supervision from me.
I was so into painting (before the arrival of Dexter) but the studio isn't nearly as inviting as the shady deck and the perfection of the warm weather. Knitting just is an excuse to sit and listen to the birds, and feel the breezes. I could be reading too, or weeding, as if.
So it was a surprise to me to dream of a new quilt idea this morning.
I have an invitation to exhibit in January in Kenosha and thought it might be fun to have new work to show, or work in a series I have already started. Stuff like this from the Bon Bon series.
Only in a different colorway...
And a different layout. It's one of my favorite ways to work, with lots of color close together, but I think I can add a motif and still keep it simple.
When I see colors of yarn like this (Malabrigo) I want to make a quilt that has these subtle color changes.

Are these too subtle? Anyway, I can't see myself going indoors until the rains return, and the sooner the better on that front. Maybe it will rain today. I hope.


  1. I've always loved those yarns, too. I'm so happy you're so content but even happier you've gotten inspired to quilt again and to exhibit!!

  2. Melody,
    I know what you mean about knitting instead of creating quilts. It seems to be theraputic. Let's look at it as a break to rest the creative brain. That is what you did, now you have new ideas. Nature has a way of renewing. I think knitting and crocheting does also. Enjoy.

  3. Thunderstorms here today and tomorrow and the next day! Want some?

  4. Melody,
    I so enjoy your blog. The toad today is so such a treat! I discovered your blog when I saw "Jelly Rings" on Raverly (id: jojobyrd). I am a knitter and seamstress. Just purchased a overlock machine and will enjoy the steep learning curve.

    Thanks for the positive comments on a regular basis. Your color pallette is so uplifting.

    Best, BJ

  5. For everything there is a season! How wonderful to be surrounded by so much peace and happiness. I'm totally stoked to see what comes from Melody in a more subtle color palette!

  6. Oh my, life and things have gotten in my way for quite a few days so I had a bit of catch up to do.

    So happy for the Chum that he has Dexter as a pal.

    The colors in your garden are so fantastic and I love that daylilly. I'll say it again I love your property and your house

    It is so nice to hear you so peaceful and happy, brightens my day.

  7. I agree, it's perfect to sit on the deck and knit right now. I need no other entertainment than the breezes, the birds and my water fountain.
    I just got a yarn that is a silk and cotton with a colorway like your first one pictured.


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