Thursday, June 16, 2011

Answered Prayers : Rain!

We finally got much needed rain last night, in an answer to my tired-of-watering-daily prayer. Unfortunately I neglected to mention "no hail, please" and so we also got plenty of ice rocks falling from the sky. This morning it was my anguish that got me and the wigglers out early to survey the damage. No harm done on these vibrant red Gerberas, happily.

But the hostas are the ones that usually get the brunt of hail damage. O well, it's not permanent. Amazing how perfect the little holes are, no?

The petunias all over the garden look the worst for the rain. But they will leap back with more blooms in a day or two.
While out walking the dawgs I saw how nicely the peaches are coming along. Maybe this year we'll get to tast at least one.

 We decided to rescue some more hydrangeas and heuchera from the neglect at Wal-mart and they happened to be reduced for quick sale, so lucky us. One is Blushing Bride and the other two are the Eternal Summer blue or pink, depending. I am going to buy more dirt today, as the shade garden dirt is dubious.
 A rare second when the pups are not running. Just lucky I had my camera. The tomatoes and peppers received no hail damage at all, but the dill was pretty ruined. No biggie, as it is ready to harvest anyway.

 At 6:05 am the sun is just coming up and it looks like a perfect day to go to town. I will hopefully seem some of my pals, visiting the yarn shop and book store and just having a girl's day out.

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  1. I love girl's day out. Have fun!

  2. Susan M8:27 AM

    I want to come with you for a girl's day out!! Yarn store and book store...what could be better!!!

  3. Aww - the garden looks lovely despite it all and the dawgs look great.

    Do my eyes deceive me, or has Mr. Chumster lost some weight already?

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You harvest your dill? I seem to plant my dill for the swallowtail caterpillars..... in fact it is about time for them to "appear". This year I have three times as much dill so maybe maybe I will get one or two "salads" for the humans.

    Girl's day out sounds lovely... those were the days ......

    Time to move the hoses, no rain here... and your are right your plants will be like bouncing babies in a few days with REAL water.....

  5. Your yard looks happy even with some hail damage. The doggies look happy. I can't tell if Chum is losing weight or if Dex is gaining, but they look great. Do you think you could direct some rain my way? No rain in months is making us quite parched.

  6. Have fun! I just finished my knitting Thursday lunch with my girlfriend. We have some on vacation already.

  7. We finally got ours this week too! Yippee! Started Wednesday night with a nice little shower, then nothing yesterday, but then in the wee hours this morning it set in for what looks like a few more hours of beautiful soft rain today. I heard we had some hail Wednesday night too, but I didn't see evidence in our neighborhood.

    Your plants look refreshed and joyous!

    PS - I heard that our tomato growers here had just about one more week before they would have lost their crops.


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