Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Season Finale

I made it: all the planting is done. At the end I usually have unopened seed packets and yesterday I distributed seeds in likely-to-grow spaces and left it at that. Last year I tossed in a packet of wildflower seeds and I have some unrecognizable flowers in bloom in my back garden. Not ready for prime time flowers which will be unceremoniously ripped out soon. Each year the planting is finished sooner than the last and one wonders where in the world I will find room to put anything else next year...and yet I do manage.
We had a fabulous close the windows at 3am rain last night which means I have been exempted from watering duty and can return to the laundry and getting ready for my next houseguest. My cousin Celeste, who has the same birthday as me but is two years younger is coming for a quick visit this Saturday and is leaving the next day. We have not seen each other since we were children, because as you may recall, we are a very close family, NOT. But I am so looking forward to seeing her at the tiny Chattanooga airport and getting to know all of her story. She is also a gardener, so we will peruse the various plots and examine their progress.
My sister also wants to meet Celeste so there will be a big family dinner Saturday...6 people, which means I GET TO COOK!!! Yay!!!
And we all will eat on the new deck. Double Yay!!
I have been on a kick to make these jello poke cakes and have the ingredients for carrot cake with orange jello and for the pudding-cool whip frosting I have butterscotch pudding. But I also have milk chocolate cake, with black cherry jello, real dried cherries to mix in, and then for the frosting dark chocolate pudding.  Hmmm. Difficult choice.
Anyway, I have a great reason to spruce up the place and have a party, which as you know I love.

And now a word about Season Finales on TV. My friend Rose and I have been discussing the degrading value of the House series, one we never wanted to miss, but now has gone stale. I learned that Lisa Edelstein won't be returning as Cuddy, so as far as I am concerned I won't be returning either.
Tonight is the penultimate American Idol competition, which Dave and I have been watching together, and betting real money on each round of eliminations, with both of us trading the same $20 bill. Silly but fun. At this point it doesn't matter who wins as they will both be able to make a career out of the experience. And for once both can really, really sing.

Lauren Alaina  Scotty McCreery
Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery

Dancing with the Stars has been fun this season too, and I am hoping for Hines Ward to win, but am so happy to see Kirstie Alley last this long.

The Good Wife was my favorite show of the year and last week it ended with a bang, you'll pardon the expression.
The final episode is viewable here, so get your popcorn and close the doors and get ready for a goodie.

After this weekend,my summer begins and I can turn my steel trap of a mind to other things. I'll be doing a lot of reading in the shade, knitting on the deck and walking the pup. Probably something creative will happen in the studio but we'll see what inspires me after all this time. Geesh, the last quilt I made was on April 18th.
Everything has its season, doncha think?


  1. I, too, would not miss an episode of House but this season has really turned me off. Why have the other four doctors on staff if they can't figure out anything? Why defer to a drug addict? Why aren't they sending him back to rehab?

    If I walked into a hospital and saw the six of them waiting for me I would turn right around and RUN. I am disgusted with the self pity and drugs.

  2. I loved The Good Wife season finale too! Finally! LOL!

  3. I like reading about myself.

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  5. With all your beautiful garden around you, it should be easy to be inspired. Monet would be inspired by your water lilies! They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I agree, everything has it's season or perhaps time. I too go form one thing to another following the weather and my mood at the time.
    The pond lilies are beautiful!
    I'm also hoping for Hines and am happy for Kirstey as well.

  7. I thought it was just me that was disappointed in House this season. Too much self-destruction!!! I think they've gone the limit on that show.

    Thank goodness for NCIS :)

    BTW...LOVE poke cakes!! YUM!!

  8. Gee, as I was reading your post and the comments, I was thinking... you could make a 'Water lily' quilt! They are very beautiful, although I confess, I miss the froggies that are usually hanging out on the leaves. Enjoy your beautiful garden!

  9. Your photos are always soooo-o-o beautiful. My garden just doesn't look like that!

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