Monday, May 23, 2011

The Irresistible Morning

My blogging is getting later everyday because I am spending more morning time in the garden, watching things grow and change, and flower. I got so excited when I spied this self seeded geranium. I couldn't believe last year's plants had dropped seeds behind my back, and yet here is the proof. Tinier than the clover, but still visible. It's only May, so I expect to see this flower before the hard frosts come in December. I'll keep you updated.

And then...I found another one this morning! This is more obvious, with its zonal coloring, but it is still way tiny. Let's hope the Dawg doesn't step on it with his big clodhopper feet. It is in amongst a zillion self-seeded phlox, which don't excite me much. I am pulling them out of the mulch all over the yard.

I have succumbed to two new hydrangeas. Endless Summer brand, and this one is Twist and Shout.
The outer flowers are lavender pink and the center buds open to a blue-purple. Even the leaves have color, both green and reds. Amazing. I haven't planted them yet, as the guys are working just where they need to go, so I must wait.

Here's the opening blooms in the center. I expect these to hold their heads up high, since the blooms aren't ever going to weigh much. Lace cap, I think they call these.
And then we have Blushing Bride  white with a hint of purple in the petals and centers. It already has heavy mophead flowers.
I have a no name reddish purple variety, an Annabelle mophead which will bloom for the first time this year, a wild native lace cap, a pink and two blue specimens.
These ought to satisfy me... until I can find another spot to plant more next


The front gardens are filling out nicely. In the winter not much but the rose stems and hardy geraniums remain and one thinks that it is a barren wasteland. Then comes Spring and vaVOOM.
Here's what it looks like in March.

The hosta below start out all dark green and lighten as the season progress, as well as grow larger and larger leaves. I must divide them next Spring for sure. The peony in the center of those hosta bloomed for the first time this year.
I was delighted to find it was a single. When I bought all my peonies, they were labeled and I forgot to save them, so each opening bud is a surprise.

The other side of the front bed, full of huge hosta and now astilbe. I keep removing the hidden hosta varieties under the bigger leaves of the remaining ones. I never thought they would get so overwhelmingly big.

The Astilbe is becoming my new fave, as they are troupers in this spot. I have pink, white and reds.

I have finally learned to read the labels and put them in the shade.

PS These photos were all taken with my little Canon Powershot SX210 IS


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    "We" understand that the garden must be seen and touched and straightened in the cool of the morning, so blog any old time, we will still be here. Your garden is lovely. I too after 30+ years am more inclined to "believe" the labels. ha ha he he ho ho

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see all the "surprises" that pop up when and where you least expect them?? I've discovered hidden treasures that I didn't actually plant. I think the birds have a lot to do with it...LOL. They're better gardeners than I am :)

  3. your photos are incredible. I am beginning to think that you might be on a new career path ~ master gardener with your own nursery.

  4. It all looks so beautiful! I love your new hydrangeas! Great photos! I am looking for some shade ground cover. Something with color I think. Any good ideas... would love for it to be perennial, but they don't usually last the whole summer.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Wow! The texture and color of that hydrangea. Absolutely luscious.

  6. O joy!
    Peonies make me swoon -- don't know why...

  7. Looking good Mel. Iwant to be the guy that names all the plants. Like The Twist and Shout hydrangia, you've got to have that in you garden!

  8. So why don't I ever see any weeds in Melody's garden(s)!! I hate, hate, hate, hate weeding...did I mention how much i dislike to weed!!! hence, I just come to your blog and look at your wonderful flowers!!

  9. I love the hydrangeas and the Twist and Shout is beautiful! My garden now looks like yours was a few weeks ago.

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