Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cleaning up

Our intrepid Dawg goes into the swampy end of the pond to retrieve a plastic bottle, thus taking the lead on the big clean-up at the Mexican Chalet.
I have been so "distracted" by all the construction, gardening and outdoorsiness around here, not to mention shopping, that I have let the house go to the dogs um, get messy. Mountains of laundry, dirty dishes, doggie toys everywhere, and piles of wrappers, mail, and beer bottles are cluttering up the path to the bathroom.
Something has to be done about it and my working men are not up to the task, so it falls to me to tackle it.
 I kept thinking I would be working on something in the studio and actually did drag out the fabric one day and spent nearly all afternoon figuring out what I might make, but alas, it has gone stale on me and I fear I will abandon it.
If only it would rain again, I might not feel that I am missing out on something by cleaning up inside.

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  1. Holy Cow! It seems the "mad Messer" is on the loose- "it" has been to my house, too! Dog toys, mail, flyers, kid mess, all here!!!!!!
    The "M.M." must be found and stopped!

  2. LOL LOL LOL at the end of the video! Love it.....


  3. The video is priceless.

  4. As he was circling and circling I said to my self..she is gonna cut this off isn't she? She sees what he is about to do doesn't she? LOL!! Too funny!

  5. Carolyn12:24 AM

    I really needed a good giggle! Dawgs!

  6. 'tears' of laughter!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Chumley is a hoot.

  7. But then you have to add one more task to the list... hosing down the muddy dog! The new black lab at my house finds ever patch of mud she can!

  8. Judy Morningstar12:23 AM

    Google said this was my 100th visit to your blog, so I had to let you know I check your blog lots, and enjoy our little visits SO much!!!. I am thrilled that my 100th visit was to see such a significant post - video (hahaha!)
    Your yard looks amazing, but I need you to get back to quilting! You do such awesome work!

  9. lol Love the commentary at the end! :)

  10. Anonymous9:13 AM

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