Monday, May 02, 2011

He's Still Got It

This summer I am attending Dave's baseball games, now that we have come to an agreement that I may KNIT during them. I am also to document his playing for all eternity, here on the blog. We waited the whole game for them to finally put the old man in the batting lineup, as he is a mere 30 years older than most of his teammates. Lots of younger guys struck out, but not my man. He hit a doozey, but unfortunately it was the last out of the game. O well.

One of the perks of going with him is that I have an hour pre-game to visit my local garden centers and get a few plants. I really lucked out yesterday as Lowe's was already having a close-out sale on these begonias.

 They were selling them for $.50 a six pack, so I got 20.

 And the Sweet Potato vines were $1 each instead of $3. I got 18 of those. I would have gotten more but we were in Dave's car, full of baseball gear, and very little room for plants. These are going into the new flower boxes, and will fill just a tiny amount compared to the space I will have. The planters will hold over 80 square feet of soil and plants. Lots more shopping to do for me and my houseguest Rose who is flying in from Chicago tomorrow. Woowoo!

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  1. Your gardening pictures inspire me so much to get out into my garden. We have had so much rain it has been impossible to get out there. Raining today, we are also a lot farther behind in the season than you are. My irises are just starting to put out some buds, perhaps by the end of the week I will have some irises. My tulips have done well this year.

  2. Back in the great white north you left the flower centers don't even have things OUT yet!! I'm very jealous of your long gardening season.

  3. You are so funny! I love your comment about knitting and coming to the games. Sounds like my house, kinda. He doesn't play sports, but we bargain for other things like this. Yeah, their old stuff can get in the way of good stuff, like flower, andtique, and fabric buying.

  4. There is nothing like rooting for the home team!

    I'm there with you. Got have have some hand work to do, else I start heckling the ump!

  5. Here in Canada our plants are just starting to peep through - so no "end of the season" sales on plants yet - I am not so sure they even have plants in yet - just the shrubs! You got really great prices, what you did get will be a nice addition. My friends and I have been busy seperating and replanting - and the best part - sharing! I always love to check in on your gardening adventures. And knitting - yup - you have to grab just about every available moment here and there and it all adds up in the end, although you already knit circles with me. Still - a nice way to be there to watch the game! Cheers! Evelyn

  6. Put lots of plants in for me! I'm missing my garden and have to live vicariously. (And you didn't have much room so you *only* got 20 punnets of begonias? Plus the sweet potato vines - we don't have those here, they fascinated me in the US and France :)

  7. Your husband has a nice stance. Just sayin'. ;)


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