Sunday, May 01, 2011

Getting the Music

Phoebe Snow died this week and I wanted to hear her sing 'At Last'
one of my all time, all time favorite versions of this tip top song. I once had it on cd, on the New York Rock and Soul Revue, a super-group put together by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan fame. But I couldn't find my cd anywhere, and failed to download it to either of my mp3 players.
So onto the internet I went and my search led me to Legal Sounds.
It had just what I wanted and I was able to download the whole cd for a ridculously low price of $1.35. I couldn't stop there, and went on to download about five more cds.
I thought I would let you in on the good deal.


  1. Wow, they have some great deals there, but I don't like the way you have commit more money than you may want to spend at the moment. I was going to buy an album but just backed out.

  2. Thanks for the tip Mel. Phoebe Snow was a favorite of mine. She could make any style of song sound like a million. I heard about her passing on the radio the other day and they played a bunch of her music. It was as fantastic to hear as always. Thank God her music will live on forever.

  3. So sad to hear about Phoebe Snow. Her voice was amazing and I loved her music. And thanks for the heads up on the Legal Sounds. Hugs, Cathy

  4. Thanks, Melody! Love Phoebe Snow's music. Her sound will always be contemporary. Thanks for the heads up on Legalsounds, and especially the New York Rockin Soul Review, I'd never heard of it!

  5. Phoebe Snow...what a talent. Her sounds were unique and wonderful, as was her laugh. A lovely soul. Caught up in work this week, I missed knowing she had passed away. "Sunday Morning" did a really nice piece on her today. She deserved more time on her path.

  6. oh i thought i was all alone! i've mentioned the passing of one of the best voices of the 70s to several of my friends and family and they all just stared blankly. it is so good to know that her songs touched other people too.

  7. Love Phoebe's voice and was sadden to hear of her passing, but she lives on in my music collection. What a talent -

  8. Phoebe Snow was an outstanding singer the range she had with her voice was amazing I will miss her

  9. Pat Pauly8:40 PM

    Priviledge to hear her in person in 2009, and thought to take her photo with my phone's camera. It has remained my wallpaper for that phone. I adore her. Thank you for mentioning her passing.

    Pat Pauly


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