Saturday, April 30, 2011

Planning for this day

April 2008. Not a speck of dirt, just clay and rock. But I wanted to grow clematis here. Wha? Am I nuts? Well, OK, a little.
I dragged out the pick ax and began to attack the ground under my newly attached reclaimed lattice. It was laughable, and soon I had the help of Super Dave. We dug down about a foot and encountered a huge boulder, half of which was under the retaining wall. Since we couldn't get that boulder out, we moved the lattice over and continued to dig.
We added good soil and plants and developed patience.

It was worth the wait, the digging and the planning.

These iris were here when we moved in, but not in this spot. I moved them from a shade garden on the westside of the pond and now in the full sun they are blooming properly, and spreading into a huge clump. White, peach, yellow, purple and soon to see, pink. I am encouraged.

Last night at cocktail time the light on the pond showed the clear waters from the recent rains. The fish are just floating around and so visible. Our littlest water lily is reaching for the surface and will do much better this season since we had Mike remove the overtaking rushes last October.

Deck wall progress:

O man! This is way more than I had expected. Now I hear that this wall is going to get stuccoed. Imagine that. I told Dave that if I had presented this as my original plan, he would never have OK'd the idea. Heehee. Sometimes it pays to keep my mouth shut.

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  1. What will cover the gap? I have visions of Chumley's favorite toy falling down there and driving him crazy!

  2. No worries, the top of the wall will hold the big planter boxes. Nothing will be open underneath, and with the exception of the stinkin' voles, nothing or no one will get underneath to take up residence.

  3. I can't wait to see what you will do with this lovely design Dave created for you. How great will it be to hang out on that deck when all the work is done and the plants established and blooming?

  4. Thanks for all the updates and posts. I am currently living vicariously through you as we are in military housing and unable to do much. We could plant some flowers but this neighborhood was also built on a landfill and has been superfunded...the soil is poison and there was an outbreak of cancer here before it was super I'm NOT digging in this dirt. Your place is looking just so wonderful. Love it.

  5. HUGE fan of your before and after series with your progress pics -- very fun! LOVE the deck wall -- it will really give your deck a stable, grounded feeling. Bravo!

  6. Everything is looking good.
    Your man sure likes to work.
    He is a jewel.
    Looking forward to seeing the completed deck with planter boxes.

  7. The clematis and iris are gloriously lovely. I hope you post pics when the wall is finished and the planter boxes are blooming.

  8. Just home from our snowbird months in FL. We drove up I-75 on Thursday - and saw some of the damage in Ringgold. I'm so sorry for the people who have to deal with all the devastation and loss of life. Stopped at the TENN welcome center east of Chat.. - had quite a few trees down but was open! Yes! Glad to hear your're OK! Also, so sorry to hear about Dave's mom. May the memories of her good days bring you peace.

  9. Just home from our snowbird months in FL. As we drove up I-75 on Thursday we could see the terrible distruction at the Ringgold exit. So sorry for your friends' shop - but at least they are safe! And you and yours! Love your gardens! St. Charles is still "leafless" - talk about a late Spring!!! So sorry to hear about Dave's mom - may the memories of her good days bring you peace.

  10. Oh how pretty are those clematis! Any garden stuff is lovely these days as I don't have one any more, well not one that I can do anything with.
    We've found that mulch, mulch, mulch and more mulch makes soil. DH's parents are on grey and yellow clay and now they have 18" of lovely black soil (over grey and yellow clay, but the clay is turning into soil too).
    Those photos from your lys/lqs are amazing - I am glad that theyw ere able to salvage some stock and furniture and samples.

  11. Beautiful!!! Your garden is proof that lots of hard work, a dream and time do pay off! Thanks for sharing... now it's time you were featured in Better Homes & Gardens!

  12. I follow every post. I am wishing I had a Super Dave.


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