Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Chilly Vacation Weather

Our dear girlfriend Rose is coming for a visit today, from Chicago, and I just heard that we will be having a cold week. What a dirty trick! The temps at night will go down to the high 30's which means I will have to uproot my sweet potato plants which say they are only safe to 40 degrees. Bummer.

The deck wall is almost finished and the flower boxes will be built today, so we'll have gardening to do soon, in sweatshirts and gloves. Brrrr.
No worries, we have lots of good food and drink to distract us too. I'll pop in with the finished deck, when and if...

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  1. Our weather has been miserable! Rain, rain, and more rain!! Our friends in So. TX are praying for rain and we're water-logged. Can't get any planting done in the yard and the poor farmers are really behind getting their fields ready. I guess we shouldn't complain...we could be dealing with tornado aftermath.

    Enjoy your visit no matter what the weather brings :)

  2. Judy Morningstar9:38 AM

    Instead of digging up your sweet potato plants, just cover them with towels or blankets overnight. We grow them here on the Canadian prairies as annuals in the summer, and they seem to do OK until the temp hits freezing.

  3. Up in Alaska we also cover plants when the temps drop although we usually use a very heavy plastic like VisQueen. Maybe the weather won't drop .. half the time those forecasters are wrong anyhow!

  4. Judy is right, I was going to suggest plant fleece, or even plastic bags at a push, but toweks sound good too.


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