Friday, May 06, 2011

It was a great visit

My friend Rose and her new chum, The Chumster, who LUVVVS Rose. We gabbed  until we were exhausted, and shivered in the cool temps, never getting to do the planting we expected, or basking in the Spring sunshine. O well. We shopped, cooked, celebrated Cinco de Mayo, and then of course napped.  Not to mention just sat in front of the tv and gabbed some more. I feel rejuvenated.
Rose has added two new members to the miniature Gnome garden. One of these guys is actually gardening, left handed. How cute! And the other two guys are guarding the hacienda.

The deck is nearing the finish line and as Rose and I were on our way to the Nashville airport, Dave and Mike started stuccoing the concrete block base of the deck. Neither had ever done stucco before, but it looks pretty good to me. The mushroom compost in the boxes is just waiting for me to plant and I am so ready to start, in the morning.

The stucco is done on this side and is the same color as everything else, so far. It may lighten. The planter needs a bit more soil, and I came home with ten more 1.5cu.ft. bags.  

Mike also widened our path when he built the new stone edge. So much better to traverse when wheeling a load of mulch. Could I be happier? I had no inkling that the organization  and formalizing of this yard was such deepfelt desire of my soul. It might be the control freak within.



  1. The deck wall and planters look great. Can't wait till the planters are all planted up.

    I love your slice of paradise.

    Glad you had a good fun visit with your friend.

  2. I love your yard. I think I'm pining for the very same thing.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    So ready for planting.... are you going to stand on the ground and plant or kneel on the deck..... oh the decisions of life.....

  4. Mimi,
    The planters are the perfect height to sit in a chair and plant. I can really enjoy the experience.

  5. You're doing such a great job on your landscaping. I am just WOWED!

  6. Love your new gnomes... what is the bright green plant that looks like a sidewalk in their world?

    I am so jealous of your deck flower beds. You are going to have a bloomin' haven there.

  7. Your deck is just wonderful and with your green thumb, the flowers will be fantastic.

    I know you bought a new camera (within the last year maybe?). Can you tell me what kind it is. Thanks


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