Thursday, March 24, 2011

I gotta ask

I recently decided to knit some new socks, in an attempt to decrease my sock yarn stash. This is Regia 4-fadig yarn, 80% wool 20% nylon, or something like that. As I almost finished my first sock and went to get the second skein, and ...NO GOTS. Wha? So I am putting out a plea. Does anyone have a skein of this stuff that they would sell me? I searched the internet, on Ravelry, and asked at my knitting group. Apparently it is no longer a current color. Who knows when I bought this, and even if it was in this country. I do remember buying yarn in Switzerland in 2007. Geesh. Am I just now knitting it? Yup. If you have it please let me know, email me.

In the meantime I am keeping my needles busy with this pair, for which I have sufficient yarn, phew!
And I have to show you my friend Ellen's Knitters-Birkenstocks. Aren't they a hoot?

It rained like crazy last night which is just what the doctor ordered. I must stay out of the garden today.
I have plenty to keep me busy indoors.


  1. Love the little lamb~

  2. Mel, you need to find a one legged friend or start a new fad of miss-matched socks.

  3. Judy Morningstar10:13 AM

    What about if you knit the top part of the other sock with what you have leftover, then the bottom of the sock a coordinating plain colour ...... or bands of plain and the variegated till the variegated is all gone.......
    Kind of like patchwork!

  4. Hey Mel, I am all about that mix and match that Judy suggested. Very cool

  5. I "third" Judy! Use what you've got (on the top or the foot), then join something that plays nice with it.


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