Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Little Cottage Garden

Our intrepid gnomes are on an expedition, conquering new lands and surveying the vast landscapes. Meanwhile back at the

Mexican Chalet II, we have a very impoverished landscape. Sad, sad, sad. I am going to lift the remaining plants and refill this box with the most luscious potting mix and put in new plants, surrounding the hacienda. Perhaps it will entice our gnomes to return. You will note the thriving Creeping Jenny in the adjacent box, and the sedum and clematis are going great guns.
  Here it is at the beginning of last season, before I painted the casita. Even tho things grew from this point, the voles have ravished the landscape and most of this stuff is gone.

Nothing like a blank canvas to stimulate new plantings. And I also plan to do something with that mound of black dirt in the birdbath. I don't know what yet...

Aha! I have cornered the pond skimmer net thief. He doesn't give up his loot easily.


  1. Never trust a guy who steals green net thingies!

  2. Wow! And we're still buried under about 6 feet of snow. I'm not kidding!


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