Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now What Knitting?

The ten Eternity Scarves that I knit for others. This was a great experience, believe it or not. I got to use really super nice yarns, which has further turned me into a yarn snob. I love the patterns in this knit and yet don't have a desire to make one for me...which in the beginning I had planned to do.  Nope. I want to use the ribbing and the other catridge rib pattern stitch in a vest and I am working out how to do that now. The main issue is what yarn to use? It may have to be multiple yarns in different colors, as I don't have 900 yards of any one solid color and for this I think it must be a solid.
I do know that I want to use the ribbing for the neckline and the cartridge rib stitch for the body.
Here's the Cartridge Rib Stitch:
Row #1 k1p1
#2 p
#3 k1p1
#4 k and #5 k
I will never forget how to do this pattern.
The ribbing is Mistake Stitch Ribbing:
Row #1  k2 {p1k1} p2{k1p1}
Row #2  p2 {k1p1} k2{p1k1}
In other words, just 2 stitches of k or p  followed by two stitches in seed. Mindless but pretty.
Now that I am staying home, I think this is the project for me to start.
Hold the presses! I just found these ten balls in my stash. DK weight and 137 yards each! That ought to do it. Woowoo, I am ready to knit.


  1. That green is my absolute favorite color. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Man-o-man that is some scrumptious green yarn! Can't wait to see the progression of the knitting!

  3. Absolutely yummy color! and glad that you are safe and sound at home. Happy cocooning!

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    When I first saw this scarf on your site, I've wanted to make a light grey or light green in that pattern. I finally got the pattern but not the yarn yet. Sure could have used it in the last month or so, but I'll have it for next year :).

    I'll make mine from DK weight too since I don't like bulky at my neck.

    Really enjoyed seeing all the pics of the ones you knitted. Thanks for putting them all together for us. I reallly liked the red multi colored one too.

  5. Isn't having a stash a wonderful thing? It is great for knitting and quilting. Last night at 11 pm I was winding some yarn that I bought a while ago. It will be my latest loom hat.

  6. Amazing what you can find in a stash! Love love that green. Eager to see the FO.

  7. Yes, we make for others and never get our own. Wasn't it George Goble who always said "I never got a party". I make quilts and I don't have one for myself or for my hubby, yet I have made over 50 of them. Not one is at the ready to take a picture of it either. I did take pictures of most of them before giving them away, and a good thing, too. Wouldn't want to give a similar one to the same person... they'd put me in a home!
    Ha, Ha.... Terri

  8. Mel writes: "It may have to be multiple yarns in different colors"

    I respond: "Duh!"

  9. Oh nice! My wedding dress was that colour (no I didn't choose turquoise/aquamarine!) :-)
    Hope the snow has stopped and is melting away (though I guess snow is nicer than mud?). We've just had an inch of rain in 1.5 hours and we don't even live in the tropics.

  10. Any chance you're going to share the eternity scarf pattern? It's one of the nicest ones I've seen.

  11. Hi,
    What beautiful scarves ... I am so impressed by them. I actually received a similiar one as a gift at Christmas ... I love it. I have been doing quite a bit of kniting as well ... it must be something about the season!
    Very best wishes,


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