Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Kaffe in the Morning

 Look what the mail lady delivered! My fave pusher online store was having a sale last weekend and I also had a coupon, so I feel slightly justified in adding to my stash. The stripe is Michael Miller's Pretty Bird Garden Stripe and the rest is Kaffe Fassett deliciousness, a yard of each. I am stocking up in preparation for February's Quilt Along with Melody which will have a different focus than last year, and I will begin setting the parameters on January 31st. One need not purchase any new fabric for this year's QAWM, but don't let that stop you. ha!

While looking for bargains I managed to stray into the yarn section of the site and found that Lion Brand has come out with Merino Cashmere! Who'da thunk it? I had to order a smidge to see if it was nice or what (big risk). It is nice or what. Super yummy and soft and of course washable.

The sunset was so beautiful last night as I worked in the studio, and I had to try to capture its fire.
OK that's enough stinkin' snow, let's melt!


  1. You captured the FIRE in a great way.... and the cool snow adds to the fire....

    funny how we like our snow in 6 hour increments... wonder if that is an age thing....

    now how much fabric should we be shopping for? probably none unless we are shopping the stash.

  2. I always love to see the different seasonal photographs of your view. Is that the view that you see from your sewing room window? And did you take that great photo with your new camera? Looking forward to the Quiltalong. Like I don't have enough sewing to do!

  3. WOW what a GORGEOUS sunset!! I'm just northeast of Knoxville, TN. Where is Palmer located?

  4. Thanks for the VIEWS Melody. I'll be checking back for the Quilt Along details. Have a fun day!

  5. Beautiful WARM sunset! I so LOVE Kaffe Fassett's designs. Checked out a couple of his books last week at the library -very inspiring too.

  6. WOW! What a spectacular photo!!!

    I haven't participated in your Quilt Along before so I'm VERY curious to see what it's about.

  7. You have so many talents! Photo is stunning. And thanks for the excuse... like I need one... to buy more fabric. My Hancock's of Paducah catalog came, and there are a million pieces I want, but to narrow it down to one I want the black that looks like the 1st grade art project. It's on page 8 Picotage Leaf. (You remember the crayon resist with the scratched design. Scribble colors all over your paper, then overcolor it all with black crayon... now scratch with a nail.) I'm gonna get me some of that! Thanks for the thought of the cashmere... mmmmmm!

  8. I love the fabrics. I just ordered some on line myself. It's so easy and tempting. I've been really good though and feel justified as I'm preparing to do a wedding quilt for my son. Mine came form Pink Chalk Studio.
    The sunset is beautiful. We usually have much softer colors here in winter. Those colors we get more in the summer. It seems odd to see it with snow because our sunsets tight now are more pink.

  9. So, stocking up in prep for Feb. project - but not telling us until Jan. 31 - but we don't need to buy anything? No hints? Hmmm, my curiosity is peaked! Lovely photo today~

  10. That is a gorgeous sunset, I am jealous of the view and the snow!

  11. Wow, what a sunset. Looks hot enough to melt the snow! Nancy


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