Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Foolin' Around

These are cuttings from the Sweet Potato Vine from the summer. They began to show signs of sprouting a few days ago, and I remembered doing this with real sweet potatoes when I was a little girl. I think one is supposed to dry out the pieces before putting them in water, but so far it hasn't seemed to matter. Everyday the leaves get larger and I think I will not have to buy new plants this Spring. The vines were huge in the garden by the end of summer, and that despite being eaten by whatever bug happened by. And there were LOTS of bugs, but the color was so limey green and brilliant that it didn't matter.
It's really cold this morning and I am not very motivated to do anything but fool around.
His Royal Chumleyness is chewing a rawhide strip noisily on his royal ottoman.
  And wishing wistfully that he could go on vacation.

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  1. I love starting my own garden plants! I have 2 avocado trees and 2 apricot trees started from pits in my yard. (The avocados take 7 years to bear fruit, and mine have - once, but they are very picky about the winter time temps, and easily freeze, so we almost lost them twice. The apricots are very hardy and fruit after only 3 years. Last year there were only 5 fruits because it rained the whole time the flowers were waiting for bees, and then to add insult to injury, the squirrel ate them all!
    I have tried sweet potato from the vine started in the house, but not much grew underneath. Good luck with yours, and keep us posted.
    Terri (in CA)


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