Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Few Resolutions

As we leave 2010 behind and look forward to the new year I have made up my mind to stay on top of things. After the massive three days of cleaning and furniture moving, my back says "Don't wait til it gets this bad again."

#1 Sweep up after work. Back when I worked in the bedspread factory, we swept up the area around our machines so that the next morning it was pleasant to get back to work. (As if.) And now with a puppy who eats everything on the floor, it is more important than ever to get back into this good habit.
I should amend this resolution with 'and put it back where you got it' 20 pairs of scissors or rotary cutters in as many places, not to mention pin cushions everywhere. It is a good habit to be neater and I am going to try to adopt it.
I washed the floor and the baseboard and then asked Dave if he would repaint the woodwork when he next is looking for a project. He loves to paint and his knees work better than mine for being down on the floor.
It's so nice to have a man around the house.

#2 Don't let dirty dishes pile up. Yeah right. But so far I am  keeping up with this new resolution. It helps to have these soap handled sponges. I was reminded about them while at my sister's on Christmas. I knew they were under my sink, abandoned, but I got them out and filled the handles with Dawn and set them at the sink  ready to go. I even asked Dave if he would follow through with his dishes, since he eats during the night. Washing, drying and putting away are all a part of this new regime and this waffle towel is the best for drying. I have more like this in a bin...I'll be digging them out too.

I'll tell you this, I haven't mentioned dieting but when it comes to cooking up a big meal, I am going to be thinking twice. Immediate dish washing enters into the thinking now and so salads are sounding lots better than mega-baking, roasting and mashing. We'll see how long this lasts. ha!
#3 Dust. OMG.
Nuff said.

These wires are Dave's big project, which I have mentioned before, but he finally has heard me. If he has to have eleventy-seven speakers attached to the TV, I insist that he hide them, which means going into the crawl space and re-routing them through little floor holes which are already there from some previous arrangement.
What an improvement this will make...I hope.
Speaking of Dave, he has a 'suite' of rooms upstairs. We moved this couch out of my studio and added it to the dumping ground of excess furniture loft/guest/seating area. His bedroom is also full of speakers and now he has set up his electric guitar stuff like microphone and music stand and a zillion wires, in his closet. It's important for us each to have our creative spaces. Even with the doors all closed I can still hear him practicing all the way down in my studio.
I didn't plan to make housecleaning our holiday entertainment, but one little improvement has led to another and since it is winter, and we are stuck indoors mostly, might as well get 'er done, as they say in these parts.
And now it looks like somebody wants my attention...


  1. Nice work you two!

    Must nuzzle that muzzle...

  2. I know what you mean about coming back to an area happy to be there. When I'm creative, I throw things and have piles which are counter productive but I can't help my self when the creative spirit moves me. I too will be cleaning my space. I took advantage of the snow for snow dyes which were beyond my wildest dreams - what gems. Today clean and tomorrow create.
    BTW, Chumley is a hoot!

  3. Well done. Why do we all collect so much stuff that could be very useful but never gets used because it is in a cupboard somewhere. We have been sorting out the garage, I am such a hoarder and must be ruthless! Charity shop or bin must be the only two options as all boxes haven't been looked at for years, so I don't need any of it. Love your workroom!

  4. I can be annoying because I can't stand to leave a mess anywhere. I don't think I'm extreme--well maybe a little sometimes. It's good to come into a clean space though.

  5. That photo of Chums is just the CUTEST! Made me laugh out loud, which i almost *never* do on the 'puter.
    Thanks Melody.

  6. Great Plans, Chum is soooo cute!

  7. That Chumley is just so cute!

    Oh, and I think you said something about cleaning?

  8. Melody, you are simply amazing. I must admit to being a tad bit exhausted sometimes just reading all that you do.

    One place that I lived in Chicago didn't have a dishwasher and there was just me. The kitchen had great cabinet and pantry and no counter space. A friend had a portable dishwasher for years, not those that sit on the counter, and raved about it.

    So I got one. It was easy to roll around and hook the hose to the faucet and it had a butcher block top, a real one. It was the best dishwasher I ever had. It went to the summer kitchen in the basement of the next house.

    I had it for 12 years and when I moved from Chicago in 06 it went to a friend and it is still working and has never had a service call. Two hose replacements and that is it.

  9. It's been WAY too long since I've checked in to see what you were up to. I must catch up on blogging, but first I must do something to blog about. Love from Virginia!

  10. You've almost inspired me to get things ship shape around here. Notice I said "almost." ;)

    Seriously, planting and digging time is just around the corner, so I agree there's no time like the present to do some inside projects.

    Gotta love that pup.

  11. How you manage to get a thing done with Chums looking at you like that is beyond me! lol He is such a clown and serious about it too.

  12. That is the best Mr Chumley photo!

  13. Enjoyed reading about your resolutions. One of my best ideas was to set a lined basket on my cutting table. Whenever I find a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter I throw it in the basket. And now I can ALWAYS find a pair of scissors. Amazing.


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