Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to Work

Enough with the cleaning binge, it's time to make something. This arrangement with the worktable and the sewing table in line is working for me. My new $15 chair from Target is the best one I have ever had. The back hits my back at the perfect-for-me spot and is so comfy that working seems effortless. I recovered my worktable with new canvas, clean and white and no fusing residue or dye spills.
The other day I sliced off 3" from each of my new fabrics and then dug out some previously stored strips and was all set. But where to begin? It took forever to make my choice since there were so many possibilities. My plan, what little there was of it, was to make something small to start, and let it get me back in gear. A pillow cover would work. Since we moved the blue couch upstairs, it needs pillows (Dave wouldn't agree) and I have been thinking that a pillow can be two separate quilts, and I can just play, with no expectations of grandeur.

 I am still way into green and pink. There are ten million variations of green, and I love every one. Pink can be hot fuchsia, red, pale or intense, and throw in a little yellow or orange and I am happy.
The new fabrics are so difficult to use, as one has that feeling that they are for something extra special. I gotta get over that thinking or I will never make anything from them.

Here's the top of one side of the new pillow. I will layer it and quilt it after the other half gets made. 22" square. I left some plain parts for decorative quilting, otherwise it will be just stitch in the ditch. No reason to muck up the nice prints with stitchery.
Recently on Flickr I found two groups which featured pillows. My Lovely Pillow and Quilted Pillows. I hate to say this but there are some really nice pillows that got ruined with some really AWFUL quilting. O dear.

On the knitting front, I picked up my Lacy Baktus which I started before my arm got sore, and it is coming along nice and slow. I added a bobble at the one side, every four rows. Silk and Merino sock yarn, size 1.5 needles.

I have to say that I am glad the holidays are finally over and we can all be free of those hard sell TV commercials. Dave took down the tree, and now we can do something with the living room, like pick up the ten zillion puppy toys.
Hard to believe I have become one of those dog owners who cannot go to the store without coming home with something for the pup. ;-)


  1. I recognize that frozen in place, how-can-I-cut-into-this-fabric feeling. You did great!. Now I just figure I can make more of that so I cut away. I did some snow dyeing the past 2 days and I love the results. My parents asked what I was going to do with them so I told them something will come along that the fabric will be perfect for. No more cutting anxieties.

  2. I am so loving that pillow and those beautiful colors.

  3. I understand perfectly how you feel about making that first cut into a fabric that is just too gorgeous to "ruin" :) I've been wanting to make a OBW but hate to cut into the fabric...LOL.

    I love the colorful pillow cover! I'm tired of "winter" colors and have begun to make springy things for the house. It makes me feel more cheerful :)

    About buying Chumster toys....go for it and spoil him as much as you can!! Last Monday we had to have our beloved kitty that we've had for 13 years put to sleep and it has been a very difficult week for us. She was our "baby" and I'd give anything to have more time with her. Spoil, spoil, and spoil some more :)

  4. My son and daughter-in-law (love writing that, they got married on 19th December, so it's still a thrill!!) have a golden retriever puppy, and they've got a box she can reach into to store her toys - she loves going and choosing a toy to present to a visitor, and then considering which one she'll get out next. So funny to watch. The more toys the betterer, I say, go you it Mel!

  5. How did you make the ironing board? I want one like that. Love all your color.

  6. We have just spent a week with my parents at the shack, with our two dogs and their one. Their little one had all his toys with him, my poodle kept stealing them and hid them up on the couch. It was such fun to watch them exchange toys over and over for the week.

  7. Gorgeous design on the pillow! I love pink and green myself. Maybe one day (after tons of practice) I could design on the fly that well :) Love your blog!


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