Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wow and O Boy!

I was totally surprised when the mail came and Dave handed me this box from Abe's of Maine. Who?
 I opened it and inside was this camera, with a bag, two batteries, three filters, a wide angle lens and a 16G memory chip. It was a late birthday present (results of late night shopping, no doubt) and I was floored. To me this says "You're a real photographer".
Luckily I had something to photograph...
Here's yesterday's quilt/pillowtop.23" square.  I was planning on hoping to make a reverse of the pink and green front, but these golds and aquamarines kept insinuating themselves onto my table, so I just got dragged along. I know you know what I mean.

Really, I have no idea what I am going to do with this stuff I am making but I am trying not to focus on that part, as the doing is so fun. I have NEVER made something that looks like this before. Things line up. And most of the points are not cut off. Shocking for a wonker like me. That's WONKER, not wanker, for you who know British slang. Anyway, the square I used to begin was less intense than the striped borders, so I decided it needed oomphing and will add these buttons to the flower centers. That ought to do it.

WorkMaster Drafting Table
A few of you asked about my worktable. Here it is, and the picture links to the purchase site. I asked for the white legs and then bought my own casters, because I must move furniture and wheels make it easier.
The goofy part is the padding. First I layered cotton quilt batting over the formica (or melamine?) surface and then covered it tightly with cotton fabric. Then the whole thing gets a slip cover of white canvas. To keep it on tightly I sewed miters in the corners and serged the edges so there isn't any fraying,  and then pulled it tight with waistband elastic attached with safety pins.

It isn't pretty, but it works. I didn't want to staple into the top, so my solution was this dog's breakfast.
What goes on underneath, stays underneath.
Back to the camera. It has all sorts of capabilities and because it is a Canon, I already feel comfortable with its functions. Here's some examples:
Seven of the eleven goldfish showed up for a group portrait. And then standing there at the goldfish pond, I used the zoom lens to shoot the far across the road stand of trees. If a deer happened to be standing there, I am sure you would see it. Or an elephant for that matter.

And if one needs to count the threads in the fabric... that would be silly.


  1. Cool-enjoy your new camera!


  2. Peg Howard9:03 AM

    I have the predecessor to this camera aqnd LOVE it---hope you will too---I have finally gotten brave enough this year to use it on manual doing some night shots...

    Enjoy it- you are a real photograher :)


  3. diane9:13 AM

    Your wanker/wonker really cracked me up. Great way to start my day.

    I love this new pillow top - the colors are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    No new photos of Chumley now that you have this new camera???????

  4. Two days and no puppy pictures? And you with a new camera.......


  5. Lucky you! Congrats on a beautiful camera (you've taken some lovely shots with it - can't wait to see what else you do with it!).

    And your quilt is unlike you in pattern, but very like you in colour and feeling.


  6. LOVE love love your new wild project! Will look great on Dave’s couch! I just got my first Canon (a lower end) for Christmas, and WOWSERS! After years of Fuji’s (mid-line) I can’t believe what gems these Canons are! My novice photography skills got a big boost - see my Winter Wonderland post from a couple days ago.

    WHAT, no Chumley picture today? LOL.

    Hugs, Cathy

  7. You are really going to enjoy your new camera, it's beautiful. I remember back in the early 90's I had asked my DH for a point & shoot camera for Christmas. He bought me a Canon EOS Elan 35 mm. I was intimidated at first and a little upset with him because he didn't get me what I asked for, but then I learned how to use it and it challenged me and I became a pretty good photographer with it. It will be a new challenge for you and you will enjoy it. Love your quilting too, you do beautiful work.

  8. So pleased you feel like sewing again...love your new direction too!!

  9. I am in awe of your abilities! Your 23" pillow top... I thought it was a large quilt top... you got that much design into 23 inches? I was going to suggest Project Linus for quilts you don't know what to do with, but this is a pillow top... you still have a dilemma. Whoever gets it is blessed.
    <3 Terri

  10. Does Chumley feel left out? If I don't drop or break this camera DH said we can invest in a nicer one. Kind of like when I had to keep the 99cent sunglasses for a year before I could be the 'designer' ones.

  11. Melody, thought you'd enjoy this pug video -- it made me laugh out loud...


  12. What a colorful woman are you ...walla....love your work


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