Saturday, December 04, 2010

Revisiting Previous Work

I mentioned yesterday that I am considering revisiting some previously sold quilts in order to establish a relationship with a design firm interested in the quilts below. It turns out that I still have the original full size drawings of each of these three pieces.

 I set up the fabric table this morning, and moved my machines off to the side since they won't be needed until it is time to quilt.  The cartoon on the table is for the first quilt, Bradford Copse. I have contacted the owner and we discussed my desire to make another of these pieces. Of course it won't match since I don't have the specific dyed fabrics and I will be winging other parts too. In fact, since it is already designed, I can pretty much 'have my way' with the work as I construct it. Supposedly it was due this coming Thursday, but my contact person said I needn't make anything for her in such a short time frame. I do believe she thought I couldn't. Hmmm. Is that a challenge? It is in my little mind.

Dave and Mike are going to be working together on the house across the road. Dave will be Mike's helper and won't be asking for the same pay as Mike, but will be the gofer, going to Lowe's and Ace Hardware etc. as well as getting more paint on his clothes. Good for everyone!
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  1. It seems that Holiday Magic has visited your home and those you care about.

    I am so excited about your quilt commissions, you know how I love your quilts.

    Happy for Mike that he was blessed with a job in this hard economic time. How wonderful for Dave that he has this opportunity and project to keep him active and out of trouble.

    I have to ask this, have you ever thought about having a company turn your cartoons into patterns or even doing it yourself? You share so much with everyone I don't think you are the type that would not want you work to translated. If you would consider this would you make 9 patch your first pattern. I love that quilt.

  2. I've been reading your blog quite a while and just rarely comment on a post. I love your work.....your quilts and your knitting. My husband is from Franklin County and we lived there for a little while after we were married, love that part of the state.

    Good luck on your commissions. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dave is going to be the gofer??? Hmmmmmm...did I miss something or misunderstand that he would not be driving any more??? Glad he's got something to keep himself occupied :)

  4. I very much like your works!! They bright and cheerful!!

  5. These are actually three of my favorite Melody Quilts. Would you ever sell a pattern? or accept a commission from a non-design firm? like me? I just love these.

  6. I absolutely love those quilts! I'm looking forward to seeing you process. You really should have them published. t sell as patterns. Wow!

  7. If Dave is going to be gofer and getting more paint on his clothes, it's a good thing you didn't have time find and burn them yet (grin).

    Sounds like great opportunities for you both as well as Mike. I think it's wonderful that the neighbor can keep him going for awhile longer (and Dave as well!)

  8. Melody, how exciting to see a bit of where you start to get these results. Thanks for sharing the "behind the scenes" processes!

  9. Anonymous11:37 PM

    So happy to see that we are talking about quilts again. Welcome back!

  10. These are so beautiful and the fabrics just "make" them.

  11. I love seeing all the beautiful colors you work with. It adds a little sunshine to my day!

  12. KathyM8:33 PM

    Under a Silkin Moon is my favorite of any quilt I have seen of yours. The minute I looked at it, I fell in love with it. You are inspired by your surroundings. Hope to see you tomorrow at the luncheon.

  13. I am new to the world of 'blogging' and am so inspired by your site!

    I am a quilter and I am so impressed by your bright colours, circular shapes and applique and....(on and on)

    Thank you for sharing your many talents. I will look forward to visiting your site again.

    West Vancouver, B.C.


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