Friday, December 03, 2010


The fifth Eternity Scarf, in the same lovely green color, goes to Sherrie in West Chicago.

Next: I have another order for the same color, and one each for gray,  navy and cobalt. That's it on the Eternity scarves, except for mine which will be slightly different. You'll see.
Next: I have been emailing back and forth with a design firm in Ohio that is interested in my quilts. Mostly she likes the ones that are already gone. I am sending her a small sample to show to a client, but this stimulates a quilting response in me and I am about to shift gears back to the studio immaculata. Now that the dog has the run of the house and my studio represents being locked up, he avoids it, but in a good way for me.
 I feel the quilting urge but in two directions.
 #1 I have a plan for a new work to grace my bathroom or hallway or spa room all of which are that seaglass blue/green.
#2 I may need to recreate a piece in woodsy-fernsy-leafy for the possible client.  O the exciting dilemma this poses.
Making a quilt with an end destination is just what the doctor ordered. Since I have been doing it with knits, I have sorta overcome the anxiety associated with commissions, as long as I know (and love) the particular work I am revisiting. I can always say no if a suggested work doesn't appeal to me. Squeak!
Next: The house is done. The landscaping is done. There is no more work here for our hired man Mike. We are worrying about him, trying to think up projects to keep him and his family from getting any skinnier, but there is nothing left to do.
 And then comes the knock at the door and it is our neighbor across the road, with the great big house and the great big pond and the fifty acres. She noticed our worker was here and wondered if and when he could maybe see her about some work she needs done soon.  !!!
So Dave calls Mike and he comes back to us all dressed up like a city person, which I have never seen him do. Dave and Mike go over to the lady's house together, as Dave is the 'silver tongued bossman' of Mike and they survey the situation. Upon returning, the report is that there is about a year's worth of renovations she needs done, and that's just inside the house. A great big job! Phew! Answered prayer. It's beginning to feel like Christmas around here.


  1. Sharon8:15 AM

    When one door closes, another one opens. Congrats to Mike.

  2. Wonderful post! I am looking forward to seeing your new work. Happy Holidays to all of you!

  3. Sharlene8:43 AM

    You are just wonderful people and it warms my heart.

  4. Dear Melody,
    You and Dave obviously "get it" - thanks for a wonderful story. And good luck on the next chapter of your artistic journey! Happy Holidays~

  5. Mechelle9:38 AM

    Nothing better than a good handyman!! Glad you could keep him going

  6. What a great post! I'm so excited to see the quilts coming back although I've loved the knitting too. But the handyman story brought tears to my eyes. It's wonderful when good things happen to (and because of) good people!

  7. Too bad he doesn't live in NJ; I need a deck built and a patio redone.

  8. I had tears in my eyes when I read your post about Mike! I'm so glad for him and his family. This is a particularly tough time of the year for so many unemployed people in our country. They need our prayers, too.

    Haven't had a chance to tell you how much I like the paint color of your "new" bathroom!....It's the same (or very close to it!) color I painted our downstairs bathroom last year and I love it with the white, white of the cabinet, molding, etc. Good choice!!

  9. I always enjoy reading about whatever you're doing, but am so happy that you are thinking about getting back to quilting!

  10. Great news regarding Mike's new year.
    I was beginning to wonder what would happen since it looked as though you and Dave were about finished.
    Now "Fate" has intervened. Good times for everyone concerned.
    You know I love this Eternity Scarf -
    for some reason the third photo today really grabbbed my attention.
    Also, hasn't "Fate" come into play with your renewed interest in quilts.
    Holiday Hugs to all,

  11. I am moved by your generous spirit and the way you think about others. It also shows in the way you share your ideas and expertise.
    I am excited to see you are going to be doing some more quilting as your work charges my batteries. So far my knitting is not up to more than dishcloths so I am not insired in the same way.

  12. I look forward to your blog every day. It is fun to see what you and your household are up to. The colors alone cheer me up. So glad to see your renewed interest in quilting.

  13. What a wonderful post! I'm so glad for Mike, so glad you're going back to quilting, and so glad you finished the green scarf. (Except I'm in western Washington now, not Illinois!)

  14. It's just wonderful how things work out sometimes! I'll look forward to you new quilting work. ( I do enjoy anything you do.)

  15. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Hooray! New starts for everyone - make way for a joyous December!

  16. diane8:02 AM

    I am so thankful for Mike's good fortune. I hope they will be good employers and it will all be good. That makes me feel good in these hard times.

    I was listening yesterday as two friends were talking about a lady and her family who have fallen on very hard times. They were trying to figure out how best to help them out without making them feel bad about accepting "charity". They came up with some great ideas and mostly, they made me feel like people really come through when the chips are down.

    We need more of these kinds of stories and less of what's on the news.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


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