Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's all painted

There is nothing left unpainted in our house now. Hurray! The hallway/laundry room was a dull grayed-down yellow and with the leftover bathroom paint it is now the breezy seaglass color that we love. Dave had to move the art supply armoire to paint the space and it weighs an actual ton, so he emptied it and put wheels on the bottom, and now it glides easily out of the way. I have to replace the interiors today. No doubt I will find stuff to toss out as I replace. This house has a zillion doors and he has painted all of those too. I think I will scour his laundry and make a big bonfire of all his painted clothes. Innumerable.

Here are few pictures from yesterday's knitting group.

Diedre models the Eternity Scarf I knit for Judy S. and Ellen shows us hers in two versions. It is becoming both ways. And Deborah made this adorable little dress with cables. She is a very new knitter but going at it fearlessly.
We  'Southern Purls' are very lucky to be able to meet in such a happy bright room, with plenty of parking, a copy machine, and coffee pot to infuse our enthusiasm. It's our weekly therapy. Very loud therapy. We really don't stitch and bitch. There is plenty of sharing and laughter and help for newbies. I am so lucky to have found this great bunch.
Kathy made this darling necklace and GIFTED it to me. YAY!!


  1. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I'm so filled with gratitude for the wonderful life I have. I wish I could have retired 30 years ago!! So I relate with your joy filled posts. Party on...

  2. Oh I love the necklace... What an idea for some knitters I know.

  3. Melody - I just love your news-y blog -- news of your life, big, medium, little. Inspires me to appreciate more of the little occurrences in my days!

  4. Wonderful post. Love your laundry room/hall colors. It all looks so soothing-if laundry can be called that! :-)
    I would love to be part of your knitting group. It looks like so much fun. And what a happy place to be. Our group meets in an 8x10 space in the back of the shop. Very cramped but still, I have the companionship of other knitters, it can't be all bad.

    Do you know the pattern for that little dress? It's adorable.

  5. Hey Melody -- could you blog again about the pattern for the lovely Eternity Scarf please. Looks like a fun knit! Thanks.

  6. Hi Melody,
    Saw your last post and wondered if these might be helpful. With your ninja skills I'm sure Mr Chumley will snuggling in one by tonight if you liked them!!

    These 2 are little jackets that caught my eye.....

  7. I miss my knitting group that I had in Campbell, CA. I have to drive for an hour or take the train and walk to get to the "local" ones and I live in a city of nearly 4 million people!
    Can I adopt you as my mum? I love the colours you have repainted with - I had been looking for a colour for the bathroom for YEARS and suddenly why not a shade of my fave turquoise?


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