Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mighty Dog. . . and Cat

Chumley is always ignoring his dry food chunks in favor of Popeye's Cat Chow, so I decided to try out canned dog food, not that he is starving or anything, but so I can have some control over his digestive schedule. (As if.) So I sent Dave out for little one-serving cans of Caesar Bistro
Cesar Bistro Steak Tips Sonoma Style Flavor for Small Dogs, 3.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)and Mighty Dog (they show a pug on this site). He LOVED the Bistro, especially the plastic container, which became his new fave chewtoy.
 For. Hours.
This morning I opened the Mighty Dog and he went at it like a mad dog. But apparently he didn't finish it all and the aroma met the nostrils of Pops and you see the results. No fighting or growling, hissing or fake swats happened, and the dish was cleaned to sparkling. Amazing!

It's stay indoors time and I had to see if my arm was OK and I finished the Eternity for Sherrie in Gig Harbor WA. Yay! No more wasted time just sitting in front of the TV.

And then I cast on the Cobalt blue version for Ann. I can't help myself. I feel better, so I knit.


  1. The blue is beautiful.

    How cool that Popeye and Chum can eat from the same bowl!


  2. Awww, they look so cute together! My cats are much less forgiving! Does Chumley know to be gentle with Popeye as he's a bit delicate? Very pleased to hear that your arm is better, I love this blog!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Nothing but love at the Mexican Chalet. :)


  4. how cool is that they don't fight over the food!
    too cute, love that picture.

    your knitting is just so beautiful.
    I hope to knit more in 2011, I need to learn so much more though!
    guess I should take a class or two!

  5. That's so amazing to see the two with their heads together.
    I too feel like I've wasted time if I watch TV and don't do something.

  6. My Zoey would eat all the cat food so I had to put it up high on the washer. Chumly is sharing well. I was told by the vet that Zoey had good teeth because I only fed her the wet food on special occasions a few times a year.

  7. So cute to see them together! Awwwwww!

  8. I reckon that when you're Popeye's age you can eat anything you feel like, and to hell with the dentist!! Good on Chumley for being gentle - what a sweetie.

    That blue is gorgeous, and it looks so soft. I wish I could knit, but it'd set the arthritis in my thumbs going like crazy. Happy christmas Mel - it looks like Popeye's going to see another christmas in too!

  9. Goodness, for someone with one bung arm, you are churning out the lovelies!
    Our cats eat out of the same bowl. I put food into two bowls, they eat out of one then move to the next.

  10. Look at that, that is so sweet! Amazing how quick Popeye accepted the dog, at his age.
    Please be carefull with your arm, if you start knitting again too soon you can ruin it for ever (trust me, I know), so please just stop knitting if it starts feeling uncomfortable (no I just have to do this and it is finished).


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