Monday, December 13, 2010

Seriously ?

Ha! We chose Tennessee for its mild winters. Brrr. The wind (and wind chimes) kept me waking up regularly last night. It's no Minnesota, but still! Luckily we live on a state road and have seen and heard the snowplows repeatedly during this horizontal storm. I have had a dentist appointment at 8am and I am cancelling.
Schools are closed of course, and anyone with any sense is staying off these mountain roads. We do expect a quick thaw in a few days, and rain by Thursday.

When we are faced with staying indoors, what do we do? We REARRANGE FURNITURE!
I am playing with fabrics for future recovering of my Tiny Chair. I want that look of a cuddly cushy feminine ruffley lady's chair. The ottoman is the launching pad for the pup, so I really need durable fabrics to keep them from getting ruined. And it's time to switch to the heavier comforter, with its much less pastel colors. Is there enough pattern in this room? I added the wooly area rug in hopes the dog or cat will sleep on the floor. Fat. Chance.

In the living room we switched out the good couch which would soon have been wrecked by the pup and his shedding, digging, Milk-bone chewing etc. and brought in the red corduroy Ektorp from the studio,

...and removed the corduroy in exchange for the pristine but washable and bleachable cotton cover. I am planning ahead with this cover, knowing it can be revived. But for real life we are still having a protective layer for everyday.

Dave's new retirement job has ended and he is back at being retired. Yay! I actually missed him during the day. And so did Chumley, of course, as Dave is the Alpha Dog.


  1. Your interiors look so warm against the backdrop of snowy white outside! I remember one year (1990-ish) being on the bridge leaving Knoxville and it was snowing, so we got pulled over to take some home video. It was unexpectedly lovely!

  2. Every time you show that room, I fall in love with those bright colours a little more. Can't wait to see your girlification of the chair!

    My retired spouse is coming out of a retirement this week (an old client has asked for some help over the next couple of months): and I miss my "house boy" already!

    I love the litte Chumster. Such a cutie-pie.

    P.S. - it's minus 24 here today with blowing snow. To put that in perspective, our usual temperatures this time of year are plus 1. Still brrrr-ific, but MINUS 24!!! :)

  3. Melody, I think us Midwesterner's have been told a pack of lies about winters here. I too had a Dr. appointment today....but cancelled....we have horizonal snow with 50 MPH wind gusts....your decorative outdoor screen wouldn't last a minute up in our mountains! We are in white out conditions with black ice on the roads.....time to fire up the sewing machine.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The outdoors photos are beautiful to look at as long as you don't have to go out in the cold, snow and wind. Unfortunately, I have to be out (I work for the Dr. that everyone is cancelling appts. for. in northwestern Pa.) Your interiors look so warm and cozy though. It is perfect weather for staying indoors and create more wonderful quilts and knitwear. Have a warm and safe day.

  5. Zieknits12:00 PM

    imo, there's no such thing as "normal" weather for any area anymore. Generalities with exceptions are the best we can hope for, these days. :)

    Love seeing all your gorgeous colour, as always.

    I thought Dave's new retirement job was going to be a long-term thing. Glad you have him on the proper side of the road again. :)

  6. Melody - I love-LOVE your sweet floral sheets (in the last photo with Chumley looking coy & cute) -- any chance they would still be available from wherever you found them?? Assuming you remember, haha, of your memory is anything like me! Muchas gracias, Claire

  7. Brrrrr is right! Definitely soup and baking weather! As for the white cover on the couch, I see that and my dyeing antenna go up! Stay warm and get out the knitting!


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