Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can't Knit, Must Dye

I am having knitting withdrawal. I am really trying to keep away from the crack  the needles. The next best thing is yarn fondling.
This is yarn I am dyeing for a Judy L. in my knitting group. She bought the Bare Merino Worsted from Knitpicks, but couldn't make it to the meeting where we all did microwave dyeing. So she just gave me her yarn to dye; one skein for her and one skein for me. The limey color is for me, as I am still on that kick. One of these days I will use some of the limey colored yarn I have stashed.

And the latest from Chumley...snoring away in my bed. He spent the night with Dave and we all got up early today. The pup was not quite ready to face the day and seconds later was back asleep.

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  1. What beautiful and FUN yarn.

  2. I know how Chumley feels. We are sympatico. Is that how you spell it? Too lazy to check the spelling.

  3. Boy, were we on the same wave link here this week. Nothing like bring the bright colors to life and a snow-ie day.

    You know how I love to dye the stuff. Great job. Do tell where you get your starter yarn...

    Already, I'm thinking of my next batch.

    Weekend Wishes of Warmth,


  4. Never mind silly me I just read closer. Always a good one.

  5. Beautiful yarn and I'm with Chumley - the bed looks so inviting! (PS -- I have those same sheets on my bed- Targay I think- LOL!)

  6. I know how you feel about the withdrawal. Knitting is an extreme sport, and when I had to quit 'cause of injuries, I started fondling yarn a lot.

  7. I know how you feel. but I have mastered the continental knitting and purling. yay for me! I'm glad you are knitting again. I'm making a dark purple Eternity scarf!


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