Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updating the bathroom

It's always good to have a before picture, if only for the sake of history. When we moved in, I gulped at this bathroom, with everything BEIGE-ish, but it was all new and I couldn't justify a renovation when it all worked perfectly. But I can.
The early stages, last Saturday.
We decided on this sink top and I picked it up on Monday and here it is installed on Tuesday.
 Dave is putting the knobs back in place. He painted everything white, and he and Mike patched and sanded the walls after removing the wallpaper, which was the biggest job. New ceiling fans, new faucet, spruced up shower doors, and today new wall paint in Sea Glass aqua will be started.
The drawers are about to be re-installed. I love this sink, which is sooooooo white, and not scratched like the former sink. The previous owner used a razor to shave with, you could tell by the scratches near the drain. He must have filled the sink with water and as he shaved would rinse off his razor in the water, leaving a scratch each time. Over the years the scratches collected ick, and it was only possible to remove by bleaching , again and again. No one will be using a razor in this white beauty.
But my favorite thing is the faucet because I can get my head under it for a drink or to rinse after brushing my teeth. Do you do that? I could never get into the rinse-with-a-glass habit.


  1. Your bathroom is going to be beautiful - so fresh and clean. I love renovations!

  2. Send these guys to me for a couple of days?

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    And, with that faucet, you can stick your head under and wash your hair!

    The whole things is lovely.

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Where's Chumley? I have come for my daily fix.

  5. Love that sink and faucet. I am ready for a new faucet in my bathroom for exactly that reason! Can not wait to see what you paint the walls?

  6. I can picture it. Your bathroom will be so pretty when it is finished. i love the faucet and the shape of the sink.

  7. Your bathroom will be lovely. Just dropping by to wish the Chumster good luck with his surgery tomorrow..ouch!

  8. I can't wait to see the wall color! i vote for washing your hair under that faucet.


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