Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mellen Version Two

Wider shoulders and smaller armholes make this version fit me better. We live and learn.
A word about my need to knit:
Since we got the pup, my concentration is limited to two hours between walkies, and then if he is in the studio with me, I can't work at all. He is worth it as we are deep in lovey-dovey-ness. So no painting and no quilting, (just while he is a puppy, I hope) and what is possible is knitting since I can do it anywhere and pick it up or put it down anytime.
Plus with the Knit-for list I am prompted to use different and/or better yarns, in colors that are not my usual thing, with great results. I am finding myself liking white alot, as it usually shows the stitches off so well.
Some day when the pup is calmer and can amuse himself (?) or is busy with Dave in the garden or workshop, then maybe I will reclaim the studio and make art again.

It was quite the foggy day Sunday and the leaves are falling in great waves. It sounds like rain, even on a sunny day as the dry leaves rustle into each other as they leave their branches. Chumley loves running in the crinkly sounding leaves and is happiest when he finds a nice stick to carry.


  1. What a beautiful picture, it looks so peaceful. Makes me want to get a cup of coffee, sit on the porch and take it all in. What a great place to get inspired. Your little one is so cute, looks like a hand ful. I love puppy's, they are just so much fun watching them discover new things.

  2. I really love the mellen but I have had trouble finding the pattern for it. Your little chumly is so cute. Does he play in all those autumn leaves?

  3. Great vest. I also think you are becoming quite well trained...........Chumley knows just how to train both of you too! LOL!

  4. I am happy to follow any creative endeavors that you do. Our lives area constantly changing and we must learn to go willingly with the flow and even to get enjoyment form it. I find also that I look forward to the current antics and pictures of Chumley.
    I've not found the vest pattern yet either.

  5. Lovely,lovely... and what are you using as the closure on vest 2 (white background, left over right side close)? Whatever it is -- I like it!

    I enjoy your knitting as well-- even though I don't really knit anything beyond simple knit/purl. And there is the fact that I've benefited as a resident of the "Knit For" list. But in the middle of the night last night, I was trying to figure out how to create a garment that requires 60" cloth, with looms that don't approach that (and I'm not interested in doing double weave for it)... and suddenly I thought of your vest and how it was knit sideways. I have my answer!

    Having Sherlock withdrawal...

  6. I like seeing your knitting since it is one needle art I can't seem to do.
    I have two new pups and they love to find a leaf in the yard. They will run over each other trying to be the first to get it and attack it. They would be in leaf heaven in your yard!

  7. As usual, the vest is beautiful. I think because you have it down pat, it might be good to publish the directions. Everyone seems to want whatever you do. I do like the idea of the smaller armholes but also like its length. I appreciate the changes you made.

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