Saturday, October 02, 2010

Staying Home

I seem to be on the road almost daily and while I love seeing people and going new places, nothing is getting done on the home front.
One day away and the house is up for grabs. Two days away and it looks like a wrecking crew has been here. Laundry is piled into a mountain and even the studio looks like a dumping ground.
So it's starting all over to wrest control over this chaos, one room at a time.
I find I can do laundry better if my bed is made. I dump the dryer load on my bed and fold and hang right there. Then it's clearing everything off surfaces and putting them away or in the trash. Mostly in the trash.
That goes a long way to making me feel sublime again.
The studio is pretty easy since I have devised a place for everything. But I also have a pile next to the sewing machine of things that need mending, which is easily put off, especially with my knitting in view. Focus!

I have found that timing myself increases the amount I accomplish. Say ten minutes in the kitchen at full speed and it is amazing what gets done. A little loud music is useful as it feels more like entertainment than cleaning and eliminates hesitation. Just clear it off and find that empty counter space again.


  1. My timer helps me too...15 minutes for me.

  2. Gorgeous scenery!!! I live in NW PA and this reminds me of this area...except I think we have way more trees...LOL

    If I can get myself motivated first thing in the morning I find I get a lot accomplished. I tell myself that if I get everything done early I'll have more time to sew!!!

  3. Where do we get so much stuff? I find myself putting things away about 15 minutes or so every day. Just the paper trash that comes through the house amazes me. You really notice how much when you recycle everything.

  4. Alexandra2:17 AM

    Loud music works for me also.
    I am sorry you had a difficult time lately, I hope that everything is well now with your husband and yourself.
    Have a great weekend and don't get yourself too tired cleaning the house.

  5. My kids used to outgrow their clothes before I mended them. :)

  6. My timer helps me too, and the louder the music the more I move and wiggle.:)


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