Monday, October 04, 2010

Poncho 2: Design Adjustments

As I knit, I changed my mind about the design. Several times. I changed the neckline and then changed it back again. The side panels were my second new idea, or third, since I vaguely recall starting and unknitting along the way.  Now I am faced with the triangular empty space between them, and the question of the best way to fill in that space. I have several alternatives, but the question is, Do I want all that knitting on my lap as I knit the finishing section, or Do I want to knit that part separately and sew it in?
I am not a big fan of sewing knitting. Or rather, I hate sewing knits. But for speed, it really helps to have less weight on the needles, and later I can always pick up stitches along the edges and do a three needle bind off instead of sewing it together. I guess that settles it. I will do two separate panels and see how that looks. They will be a narrower version of the main center panel, with diamonds and triangles. There. I have figured it out.


  1. It's looking good Mel. Glad to hear you worked it out.

  2. Awesome progress.
    Talking out loud to myself usually gets the answer. Sounds nutty, but I don't care.

  3. I like the layout. I also like that if you are feeling it, you can be green in front one day and reverse it the next. Awesome pattern. Hope you are writing notes!

  4. Your knitting is soooo lovely and distinctive. It almost makes me want to pick up a pair of knitting needles. Almost!


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