Thursday, September 30, 2010

Made for Her

This is my friend Judy King wearing the Autumn in Taos jacket I made several years ago. It has never looked this great on me, and usually lives in a drawer in my closet.  I brought it to the knitting group to show her since she has seen the pattern and thought she might want to make it. I mentioned that I had already knit one and she should try it on to see how it fit. She is 5'10" and wasn't sure if the sizing would work. I am 5'5" and found the sleeves and length longgggg on me but obviously perfect on her.
Friday will be opening day for the new Joann Fabrics in Chattanooga and you can be sure I will be there before the doors open. Not that it is such an exciting store but we don't have a fabric store of its ilk in the city. Can you imagine? I wish it were going to be a Super-Store with all the art supplies, but of course I DON'T NEED ANY, but I like to look anyway. It's a good sign that new stores are coming to town, like the economy is improving. New shops and restaurants have been opening regularly in Signal Mountain too, and I make it a point to bring my encouragement and my purse to visit.


  1. That's a beautiful sweater, Melody! And I understand about the Jo-Anns... ours got shut down last winter when the roof collapsed under a ton of snow, and we have been reduced to one fabric store all year! The new Jo-Ann's super store is due to open in a couple of months, and I can't wait! The closest now is 90 minutes away...

  2. What a cool jacket! It looks so good on her too.
    Great job, nice colors, etc., etc.

  3. Beautiful jacket and perfect fit ........... it wouldn't look like that on me lol!

  4. My knitting and quilting friend knows Pat Werner, the author of the book, Dazzling Knits, where you got this pattern from. Pat lives in Corrales, NM (a suburb of Albuquerque)and I went to her house with my friend about 3 years ago. Pat's house is so colorful, like her yarns and has that colorful Southwest feel to it. Her home was built with old tires and I think straw bale, if memory serves me. I can remember the "truth door" which is a little door in the wall like a medicine cabinet that reveals what the house was made out of.

    I haven't tried knitting anything from her book, but now I am inspired by how wonderful your jacket looks. I had better make mine shorter in length and in the sleeves because I am 5' 3" and most things I buy look like the arms were made for gorillas...way too long!

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Beautiful jacket! Its nice to see the seeds of commerce are beginning to bloom again. We too, in Las Vegas, are seeing it too. Among other new stores opening or have opened is a Hobby Lobby.

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Well okay, seeds don't bloom but you all get me meaning! Shouldn't write before the caffeine kicks in! beth

  7. No wonder she is smiling!!

  8. Lovely jacket. How is the back neckline handled -- V also? Smaller modules?

  9. Anonymous10:54 PM

    That's a beautiful jacket! Love the blues in it.
    I love Joanns too. Have a great time. They opened a super one in my town too about 2 years ago ... they have almost EVERYTHING. :)

  10. Interesting that stores are beginning to open rather than shutting (I was in South Bay/SF 2008-2009 and 5 knitting stores shut their doors in that time!). Hopefully it is a sign of a recovery!
    Hope Dave is recovering well - I stop stalking you for a few days and he goes and wipes himself out!


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