Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooling Down

It's that time again, with cool nights and perfect days. Dave lit the gas logs
and switched directions for the ceiling fans, and I wore socks to bed. Kind of nice for a change to be toasty under the covers.
I might talk myself into working in the garden soon, transplanting and dividing perennials, as soon as the earth dries out a bit more.
The tomatoes are still producing and if I don't get them picked immediately they rot on the vine. Brandywines have such a thin skin and the racoons love just a little taste, daily, leaving the rest of the tomato alone. Grrrr. Lots of peppers are getting ripe too. Doesn't this seem late to you? Well, we have a funny climate up on the mountain.
It's knitting meeting today and I have several projects in the works. I really like this yarn, Trekking XXL and for this pair I used an afterthought heel, which is replaceable if it should get holey. What a great invention. Toes can work the same way. I'd rather unravel and reknit than darn.

We did not have cheesecake after all yesterday and are postponing til the weekend when we will go to my sister's house for the party. And I got my bloodwork report and must seriously pay attention to lowering my cholesterol. Nix on the cheesecake idea, and bring on the oatmeal. Hrumpf.
And we did not go back upstate to retrieve the motorcycle yesterday either. We found a Kawasaki dealer who was willing to pick up the bike from the towing company and will assess the damage and let us know. This saves us the daily fee for storage. It may be scrap or it may be fixable, but whatever, it will not be coming back home.

Dave has focused his attention on playing the guitar and the borrowed keyboard at full volume, so I am sure he will enjoy my absence and hovering today.


  1. randi8:14 AM

    Knitting and music - a perfect combo to soothing nerves and bodies(even if full volumn)!

  2. Cooling off here too in NC mountains. So thankful Dave is home and doing well.

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    What a nice surprise today! As usual, yours is the first blog I open. Love the color and the creativity and how your personality really comes through. Anyhoo, the socks you are making have been in my sock drawer for over a year! I love the colors and wear them on special days - don't want to have to darn them too soon! Glad to hear your husband is doing better. Hugs to you. Jerilynn

  4. Glad to hear your Dave (I have a Dave too!)is getting better. Some things are so hard to resist...motorbikes...chocolate...wool! What is that amazing yarn you are using for those socks, Melody?!

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    How rude- those medical reports have no tact. I may have a solution for your cheesecake fix. I got a rude report of my own, and found this:,176,158160-235207,00.html. I added a tbsp of Triple Sec to the glaze, too, and it wasn't bad at all. Your blog lights up my mornings very often, so please keep it up.

  6. Maybe you should invest in some of those heavy duty ear protectors, like the ones they wear when they shoot guns on the target range. I used to laugh about things like that but I even have started wearing them when I mow. I'm sure they would work on Dave's loud music.


  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    LOVE the yarn! :) I love cool temps too and need to do those things you mentioned - I'm on the left coast and it seems that summer is here again - so funny b'c we didn't really have one - just a ton of rain. :) It was 75 the other day .. and humid - they call it the Pineapple express as it comes from Hawaii. & it was 113 in L.A. Wow! :)

  8. For the cholesteral start taking Omega 3... two in the am and two in the pm... does wonders.

  9. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Melody, I've just checked blogs for the first time this week, and discovered your photo of hooked-up Dave! I am so sorry! But glad to know that he is mending and you are cooling off. Very best wishes!

    Mary G. in Chicago

  10. Summer went by too fast for me. I love being warm. Have trouble in the winters now. Getting old. I thought that cholesterol would keep me warmer....maybe not. The socks are wonderful! I have been collecting sock darners! All different shapes and sizes. Seems most people don't even know what they are! At one shop, the young girl at the counter said,"oh, you're getting the masher." Had to explain that it was not for the kitchen.....

  11. Just getting caught up on your blog and saw the news about Dave. I am glad that his injuries are on the mend. I understand what you said about getting the keys away from him while still allowing him his dignity and image of self. All the best for his recovery and his music ventures


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