Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fashion Week for Mel

“A fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it every six months.”
Oscar Wilde

Before we moved here, fellow quilt artist and blogger Kay Sorensen gave me a huge load of interlock knits, knowing I still live in the 80's. Kay has lovely auburn looks, quite different from my fiery Mexican leanings, but still I think I can make these colors work for me. I already tried out a creamy French Vanilla piece in the mock turtleneck above. This is a pattern, also ancient, with saddle shoulders. It fits like a dream and I will continue to make more in this vein. While un-fashion, it is the perfect background for my many shawls and kerchiefs, which I have more plans to knit. If I wear the terra cotta under a brilliant blue scarf, what a glorious combo that will make. Same with the peach, and of course the lavender will be wonderful with my coloring, so whatever I choose as an accent color, it will impress the goldfish, my local audience. 

At knitting yesterday I was given a super exciting gift certificate to the Three Black Sheep Shoppe where I went DIRECTLY to spend it asap. I chose these sensuous yarns, merino, and merino and silk. I am sizzling with anticipation to dive into them. I just finished this alternate version of my Mitered Kerchief pattern, using a different center decrease (cast-on 99 stitches) and a stockinette+garter pattern for the body. The yarn is two different skeins of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, a truly awful feeling wool which thankfully softened up after I washed it with hair conditioner. I bought it online some time ago and dreaded knitting it as it is scratchy and nasty. It was the color, of course, that did me in. Now it is not bad to wear. Not exactly a rousing review, but I am all about honesty here.
For more really great quotes on fashion see this site.


  1. You are ever so right! I'm a dedicated follower of style. My style. This means that I skip most seasons of fashion and buy a lot of stuff when it suits my style so I can survive the next ugly fashion.

  2. Oh, those yarns are fabulous... the green is pulling me in. Love those Kureyon colors... good to know about the hair conditioner.

    So glad to hear the goldfish are weighing in on fashion. Do they vote by bringing their bubble shaped mouths to the surface in unison? I saw a goldfish pond at the gardens this weekend and it seemed they were doing an aquatic dance together... must have been near feeding time.

  3. Peg Howard7:05 PM

    I MUST have that shirt pattern...
    I love the shoulder fit....
    is there ANY way??to get one- or one like it?????


  4. Peg or anyone, that pattern was just found now on Ebay:

    It is number 640 in case this one is sold out.

  5. Anonymous4:43 AM

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