Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Helpful Stuff Link

Due to popular demand, two of three of you anyway,  I have gathered the whole list of Helpful Stuff and made it into a Google Document, viewable and clickable to anyone who uses the url below. So that should make it easy to find what you want when you need it.
I will keep the Process Pledge stuff up and Patterns and Tutorials, but you will still have to keep the urls of your favorite blogs. Google Doc wouldn't cooperate when I tried to include those. Who knew?

Or this

Also, since I have a search engine for the blog, you can type in the subject and if you are really lucky, the search thingy will bring it up for you. I tried it and it worked for some things, and others, like tamales, it couldn't find. How dopey is that?


  1. You know, Melody, you can actually create a shared account in gmail and just put anything you want to share in the documents of that account, so anyone wants to get to the shared stuff, just ask you for the account login info and viola, there are in and they can see everything you want to share. It's one of the best way to do the share stuff, and less messy, since they are all centralized in one spot and account. No need to download anything, even copy. Anyone has access of that account can get at anything they want in the account! Isn't that wonderful...You can have folders for different catogories, and then pdf, pic or doc under each categories. Any kind of organization you want. Hey who knows, that might be the beginning of your online crafty "live" book... :) Just a thought:)

  2. Wow Way Kool Edith.
    I'll look into that.

  3. You are the BEST! I like the way you did it. I just clicked it and put it in my "favorites". I'm anxious to see what's coming!!!!

  4. Thank you,thank you. I will still follow you but it will be great to easily find all the helpful stuff.
    I agree with Susan you are the BEST.

  5. Great stuff! Thanks for doing that. Just read your thoughts on being a trained artist... loved it!

  6. Yahoo! (and I don't mean the website). Thanks for giving us the link for your helpful stuff. I have saved the URL. So I'm assuming that the docs are all steored on Google?

    Thanks again. You are so nice.

    Kristin in SC

  7. That was awfully nice of you. But I'll probably just look at your sidebar b/c when I think of a "Melody Question," I tend to go right to your blog and check it out! Enjoy revamping your studio. :-)

  8. Thank you so much for always thinking of us. I don't say THANK YOU often enough. (and I cant wait to see what artwork you create!)

  9. Thanks Melody, you have so many neat subjects covered by your past posts.
    They're great reference material and we appreciate every word.


  10. Melody,
    I'm excited to see the change over from one art form to another. I kind of do it too, but in a less dramatic way. (No changing out of shelves. I try to have only what I need for each specific project.)The adieu to quilting and teaching quilting makes me a bit sad. I hope that the quilting will come back. I had the joy of being in one of your classes once when you came to Denver. I think of you, your blog and your art every time I look at the pieces I created in your class. I love having those links available and friendly. But, I am gmail ready so I will be happy to find them there, too. It is impressive that you have so many quilts in the closet. I would hope that you see your own journeys, your own plateaus, your own creative spike and your own spirit when you look at them, instead of just more quilts that need storing.

    Thanks for all that you have and will share with us,

  11. Thanks Melody. I've got t in my bookmarks. Onward!

  12. Randi3:23 PM

    Thank you Melody! You are very thoughtful! And-thanks for your reply about the food processor. I'm off to Macy's tomorrow to pick it up.

  13. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Thanks very much, Melody. I am fairly new to your blog and it is a treasure trove!

  14. Melody--I enjoy your blog no matter the subject. Thanks for making it easy for me to check for "back issues".

  15. Thank you, thank you! I was dreading having to save every link. Just seeing the list reminds me of things I want to go back to.


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