Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Desert Island Knitting

This is what I would do if I were stranded on a desert island with just my yarn, a tv and radio.
And wine...
My husband and sister think I am nuts, but this is one of the better ideas I have had. The response to my request for people to knit for has been wonderfully enthusiastic. I would much rather make things that people really want than to just knit and store them in a closet. And it turns out that I got some requests from folks I actually know! So I am one happy knitter. I have eight on my list and that should occupy me for a while.
Many are requests for socks, so only the choice of yarn is to be determined, and I have LOTS of choices. And for the request for a pair in orange and a pair in purple, I will be dyeing the yarn, of which I also have a huge supply.
So here's the list in the order received.
#1 Elizabeth wants sox and I await her measurements.
#2. Rose wants a poncho, and this is the pattern I have begun. I am using Cascade Pastaza in Cherry Red.

#3 Gayle would like 5 pairs of sox. I don't think that is unreasonable. But I will spread her request out and alternate with others on the list or they will be waiting forever.
#4 Leslie is the one who wants orange and purple sox and had asked for gray + another color but may have changed her mind when I shouted GRAY???? in my email reply.
#5 Libby who is a transplant to Alabama also requested a poncho, but I think it must be a lighter yarn than the really warm wool I am using for Rose's. She would like multicolor. My thought exactly. We are still working on what the yarn will be.
#6 Elaine would like a scarf just like this one which I knit last year for another reader, Emma. Wonderful project and I am happy to make another. I know the pattern by heart so it is a carry along anywhere knit.

# 7 Carol likes the Simon Cowl, as do I, and wants olive greens and autumn colors. I am loving the variety of possibilites before me.

I was hoping for a baby project and had sort of given up when this request from Edith came in. A baby boy in Maine 'needs' a knit. Woowoo!
So #8 is Edith and she will be getting him a Tomten Jacket which is grow-into-able. I have wanted to make one and had no one who could wear it. Now I do.

This is a picture from Ravelry and obviously this is toddler size, but you get the idea.

Several emails came in for places to donate knits, which of course our knitting group is already doing. But I wanted to collaborate with the receivers and also to make it worthwhile and/or justifiable or fair, I needed to request payment for the cost of the yarn and shipping.

My sister told me that she had sent our mom a cartoon of a woman who had knitted sweaters for everything and everyone in the house, including her cat and was poised with a phone in one hand and a finger on the opened phone book in the other with this caption: Congratulations! You are the winner of a hand knitted sweater.

So I haven't gotten that bad...yet.

PS. Empress of Dirt is selling hand dyed fabric for YOU. See this.


  1. Hey! In my defense, in case I seem greedy to you all, I did say "UP TO FIVE" but of course I will take all five! HA!

  2. Ever since I watched Tess of the D'Urbivilles's on PBS last winter (or more) I have wanted the wide v shaped shawl Tess wears while chopping rutabaga in the cold fields. The shawl goes across the shoulders and crosses at the waist to tie at the small of her back. covers the shoulder, back, arms and neck so it's warm but out of the way for working, cooking, cleaning etc.I even went on Ravelry to see is they had a pattern. But I don't know how to knit and don't know any knitter who would make something for me. Could we talk?

  3. O Boy! I'm too late with a request. Will you be making this wonderful offer in the future??? Socks and a sweater... BTW-I did get my cuisinart and I am very happy I did! Can I use basil that has flowered to make pesto?
    Happy knitting!

  4. Too funny. Love the 'toon.

  5. You are just the most generous person......

    I love the poncho, would you share the pattern.? I won't ask you to knit it i can do that myself....hahaha


  6. You are an amazing woman!!! When you first offered this, i thought "I live in Florida, i don't need anything" but then you mentioned socks. I used to have a hand knitted pair until i wore them out just wearing them around the house. Next time you ask for volunteers, maybe i'll chime in for some socks! I do miss you quilting though!!! LOL

  7. Who makes the poncho pattern?

  8. I, too, love that shawl pattern... which one is it? On Ravelry by any chance?

    Also, the Tess shawl I remember and if you figure that one out let me know.... probably wouldn't be as flattering on my...in my dreams!

  9. Tell me where this poncho pattern is. I need need need to knit this one. You have me hooked big time on things with modules.....

  10. I am loving the scarf! Would you share that pattern?

  11. Melody: thank you for posting the link about Melissa's fabrics for sale. Those beauties are making their way to me now. I'm so excited!

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