Monday, September 13, 2010

The Drawbacks of Decluttering

The major problem with unearthing and re-storing stuff is discovering what one really has, and how little one really  uses. Arrggh. I used to live where the winters were long and cold and there was a real need for knitting heavy warmth insuring knits. Here in the lovely South, it gets cold for a few weeks, and really not that cold comparatively, so my heaviest hand knit sweaters, hats and mittens may get worn once a year.

There was a time when I 'had to have' these fuzzy mini shawls to coordinate with my teaching outfits, and now the fuzzy seems to be out of fashion, as if it were ever in. They are truly eyecatching in a "What in the world... is that a purple cat that woman is wearing?" sort of way.

And when all the mitered vests, cardigans and pullovers are gathered into two drawers, one wonders if I am a walking quilt when I wear one.  Don't answer that.

For a time I considered giving these away, to a person with the shivers, with my taste in colors (like, who in the world?). But the yarn costs so much that my quirky economy prevents it.
There is a drawer for hats and cowls, mini shawls and neckwarmers (different than scarves) and then scarves too. And then there are the socks which have their own drawer with my other socks, and an adjunct Rubbermaid in another closet.
And I am in the mood to knit...somebody stop me! No really, I didn't mean it.
So I am taking a different tack. I am looking for someone who has a baby in their future as I am dying to knit cute baby clothes, or a person who wants an afghan, baby blanket or scarf or socks (PLEASE) who I can knit for, in exchange for the price of the yarn. Insane. I think not.
This way I get to knit and unload some yarn and then not have to find a place to store it. Such a deal!
Email me or leave a comment with some way to contact you. I am not kidding.  I love this idea and think it is a perfect solution. I could promise not to buy any more yarn, but that never works.

UPDATE: I am so happy to say I have two people requesting  ponchos, and three requests for socks, several for each. So that is enough for today. I will knit those up and then announce this again, so don't fret, it won't be long before you can have a turn.


  1. There are so many worthy places to donate knitted items.... "Toasty Toes" is one, hospitals & hospice groups, etc. My guild's group helps support a pregnancy crisis center by donating baby quilts & blankets.
    ~Barbara in NC~

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Q, I need a fancy pancho!


  3. What an amazing (and humourous) offer! :) Although I live in quite cold area (Ontario, Canada) and think it would be amazing to have something knitted by you, I never seem to wear my hand-knitted items. I just take them out and stroke them. :)

    Came across one of your quilts in an old contemporary art quilt book of mine last night - and found a sticky on it saying "learn this technique!". A couple of years later, I found you though facebook and found your links to your site and your great how to's. I still have to learn the technique though! :D

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    You are such a HOOT! You will never lack for projects now! ;-)

  5. A purple cat? Now that sounds interesting!

  6. Wow! I'll take anything you want to knit. And I will pay for the yarn and shipping. Scarves, sox, the linked chain was adorable. And your colors are what I use in my quilts!!! Too cool! So if you get bored and need someone else to knit for... I'll take it!

  7. I only knit the basic necessities - my 7 yr old son would only wear hand-knit socks for several years! About every other winter I knit up some new wool mittens and I knit our hats & scarfs. Simple. But when I was expecting my son I knit a beautiful (and oh, so soft) baby blanket which he just returned to me - he would like me to make a new one - twin sized, please (gulp) - because his feet now stick out at the bottom. But yes, it does warm your heart to actually knit things that you know people are using. I love to see my family using my hand knit items, basic as they may be, they are well loved. Plus - it keeps my hands busy when I have a chance to sit down so I don't bite my nails and I find it very relaxing! So - good for you for taking this approach, because even with my very limited knitting we seem to have enough. Cheers! Evelyn


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