Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seductive Photography

Here's something new and different for me. Taking alluring photos of gorgeous yarn. I am the luckiest gal I know, bringing home three-bags-full of luscious and very unusual yarns to photograph for the online store of Three Black Sheep Shoppe.
Here are three out of the 50+ yarns that will be available on the new website. This was way fun. I used the same set-up that I have for my painting still lifes. Only this time the backdrop is white fabric, so that yarn takes center stage. My models were very cooperative. hehheh. When these go online I will have a link on the blog.

As for yesterday's poncho pattern it is available here. Lots of great patterns in that book.

Yesterday I had a strange rush of folks wanting to buy older quilts. I no longer get excited when this happens, since I have been scammed before. And at the same time I think I got scammed from Craig's List for the dining room set I am selling. The Craig's list guy was pretty obvious when he volunteered to pay for delivery (in bad English) and then have me pay the delivery guys upfront. Something fishy there. But it looks like the quilt buyers are for real, so things are moving out of my closet in an orderly way.
And just for the record, I went to the gynecologist for the first time since we moved from IL. I am way healthy, and it just 'slipped my mind' that I haven't had a pap smear or mammogram in about three years. OK I have dreaded the mammogram, I admit. But I am having one today and will feel good about it when it is over.
I went to a 'Woman's Center' and it was the best experience ever. I got all the stuff done at once, except the mammogram. Even a bone density test. The worst part was the weigh in. Arrgghh. There will be diet talk in my future. Double Arrgghh.


  1. Orchid is making me want to buy yarn!

  2. Is the store going to knit a sample square of those unusual, great looking yarn and post it on their website? Before I would order it, I would like to see how it looks knit up.

  3. Gorgeous photos. What fun. That's why your blog is the best!!!! We never know what will show up!
    Good luck with the quilt shoppers. And doesn't it just piss you off when people think they can rip you off like the Craig's List guy? It's kind of scary if they actually have "delivery guys" in your area.

  4. Mel, the yarns look wonderful... can you try a color behind the white yarn just to see if it picks up the luster?
    Good for you catching up on the doctor's visits.
    Go to Sparkpeople and join Kerrie's and my team. It works for us.

  5. I am with makes me want to buy yarn and try once again to knit. Gorgeous color and texture.

    Congrats on selling your quilts and not having it turn out to be more scams. Now get excited!

  6. Liz Armstrong11:53 PM

    OMG I thought the first picture was of a small mop dog......I didn't get it initially, then the second picture I thought was big something you have down there in nature. Unbelieveable. And you are their photog. volunteering, I hope not. You are a very very clever woman. I don't know who your agent is but you need a new one. You are extremely talented my dear. Wonderful, exciting and great work. Love it.Thanks so much.

  7. Those yarns are delicious! I would like to see the rosey/green one (at least on my monitor) worked into something.....and the purple....and the white....and the.....

  8. Wow, it's been a while since I've been in a yarn boutique, these are so amazing! That "Natural with floral" would go home with me... not sure what I'd make with it... but it's SO pretty!


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